Workforce Wallet 

Global Workforce Wallet:
The New Standard for Global Direct Deposits

Pay your global workforce the way it deserves: with a centralized, secure fintech, dedicated to solving global payroll payments’ complexities

Wallet expanses

Designed for global direct deposit

The safest, fastest workforce account you’ll ever have – fund in 12 currencies, pay in 160+ countries, in local currencies.

Total visibility & control

Backed by AI-led compliance, optimized routing, and future payments forecasting – you can forget about needing multiple local bank accounts for payroll.

Licensed and regulated

Papaya is a regulated payment provider, holding money transfer licenses & utilizing JP Morgan and Citibank accounts infrastructure and payment rails.

Workforce Wallet

Secured. Regulated. Designed for Payroll

There’s a new standard for managing global workforce funds: Leveraging J.P. Morgan and Citibank rails, Papaya’s workforce wallet ensures compliance, accuracy, and speed. Fund in 12 currencies, pay locally in 160+ locations. It’s a centralized and secure place to manage all your global direct deposits, secure like a bank, visible like fintech.

The only fintech made for global direct deposits

Paying employees on time, in local currencies, with the right bank classifications and identifications, is a must. And not an easy feat. Papaya’s workforce wallet takes care of it all.

Payments always land on time
Distributing global direct deposits based on the payroll land-date – eliminating delays.
Global direct deposits, made local
Our infrastructure enables paying global workforces quickly, easily, and with lower fees—just like paying locally.
Payment classification and identification
Our solution guarantees proper payment classification as payroll and your identification as the ultimate debtor for the banking system.
100% local compliance
100% local compliance
Papaya ensures full local compliance, including authorities and 3rd party vendor payments.

The flexibility of a fintech,
the security of a bank

As a regulated fintech company, Papaya’s workforce wallets utilize tier 1 bank infrastructure, enabling you to securely fund in 12 major currencies and facilitate global direct deposits in 160+ locations.

Tier 1 global payments network
Papaya’s workforce wallets and payments are built on JP Morgan and Citibank payment rails, custom-made for payroll.
Your funds are secured
Being a regulated financial services company, all client funds are segregated, safeguarded, and secured in tier 1 banks until distributed to your employees.
100% liability
Papaya takes full liability for the entire process – from funding the workforce wallet, to the actual disbursement.

How to open your first workforce wallet

It’s faster and easier than opening a bank account!
Just select the payout countries and currencies you want to fund, complete a 2-day KYC process and start paying your workforce.

Digital Onboarding
Through a self-serve process, open a new workforce wallet in your desired location and currencies. This will trigger the KYC process.
2-day KYC process
Our KYC process takes no more than two days so that you can set up your workforce wallet in record speed.
Fund your workforce wallet
Once the KYC process is completed, your wallet is active. All that’s left is for you to fund it in the currencies of your choice, and paying away!
Pay, Repeat
Now, you can fund and pay your global workforce including authorities and vendors from your new workforce wallet.

KYC process


Available funding currencies


Countries you can pay in local currency


Full liability
by Papaya

for global payments

Papaya’s workforce wallet lets you fund and pay your entire global workforce in an efficient, safe, and secured way.

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Boost productivity and performance.

Papaya’s global payroll and payments technology covers it all. So you can focus on what matters — your business.

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Is my money secure when stored in Papaya’s workforce wallet?

Yes, your money is secure with Papaya’s workforce wallet. Papaya Global uses client money accounts held at JP Morgan and Citi Bank to ensure the utmost safety and protection of client funds. Client’s money is kept separate and segregated from our operational funds, thus the risk to clients is minimized. This means that even if the company faces financial challenges, client funds remain distinct and inaccessible for meeting the company’s operational expenses or debts. The funds remain yours only. Our top priority is the trust and safety of our clients, and we adhere to best practices and regulations to uphold that commitment.

How is Papaya workforce wallet different from other payment providers?

Papaya’s workforce wallet sets itself apart from other payment providers by addressing the complexities of global payroll direct deposits. While other global payment providers treat global payroll payment like any other remittance, Papaya takes a different approach. With other providers, you face uncertainty regarding when the money will reach your employees’ accounts, inability to mark these payments as salaries, and you being the ultimate debtor. Additionally, these solutions often lack support for authorities and third-party vendors payments.

In contrast, Papaya’s workforce wallet offers a comprehensive solution. Not only does it allow you to overcome these challenges, but it goes even further. We provide notify specifying the exact date by which you should send the payment to ensure it reaches your employees on their payday. Furthermore, our platform allows you to mark the payment as “salary” and clearly indicates that it originates from the employer. Additionally, you can easily distribute any payments related to the salary, including those involving authorities and third-party vendors.

How does Papaya Global’s rates compared to other solutions?

Papaya Global rates are lower compared to other solutions in the market due to several key factors. One significant advantage is our ownership of payments technology and rails, which sets us apart from relying on third-party solutions. By having our own infrastructure, we can streamline processes and significantly reduce fees associated with cross-border payments and currency conversions. This enables us to provide cost-effective solutions while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and reliability.

Why it is essential that Papaya utilizes JP Morgan and Citi bank rails for global payroll payments?

Papaya Global’s strategic partnership with JP Morgan and Citi Bank brings numerous benefits when it comes to global direct deposits. Firstly, by utilizing these tier 1 banks, we ensure that your workforce wallet funds are securely held and segregated, providing an additional layer of protection for your money.

Secondly, our dedicated payment rails established through this collaboration enable you to make payments in major locations just like being local and using local currencies. This means faster transactions and lower fees.

Thirdly, these payment rails are specifically designed for workforce payments. Whether you need to transfer funds to your employees, authorities, or third-party vendors, our platform covers all aspects of payroll disbursement efficiently.

Lastly, as your funds and payments are managed and processed by tier 1 banks, the entire payment process adheres to stringent security measures, ensuring the highest level of security, just like a traditional bank.

Can the workforce wallet be used for all types of employment?

Yes. With Papaya’s workforce wallet, you can pay your payroll employees, EOR and contractors. This includes authorities and 3rd party vendors payments.

How does Papaya’s workforce wallet enhance the efficiency of payroll payments?

Firstly, with Papaya’s workforce wallet, we offer guaranteed payment settlement within 72 hours. This means you can fund your wallet up to three days before the payday, allowing you to extend the cut-off dates for processing payroll. By doing so, you gain more time to handle payroll-related tasks effectively. Additionally, this flexibility enables you to maintain a higher amount of working capital in your account, leading to improved corporate cash flow management.

Secondly, by being able to fund your workforce wallet as close as possible to the pay day, you eliminate the exposure to foreign exchange (FX) volatility. This advantage sets us apart from other providers who often impose additional costs that can amount to up to 30% due to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Thirdly, Papaya’s workforce wallet is designed to minimize fees and ensure transparency. Since we own the payment rails, you benefit from lower and easily understandable fees. Moreover, you have the option to fund your wallet in your preferred currency from the 12 currently available options. This feature allows you to avoid unnecessary FX conversion fees and further optimize your payroll expenses.