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Webinar | Payroll Payments

Why Are Payroll Execs Moving to Virtual Payroll Accounts?

Jonathon Nash

Payments Director

Ian Giles

Global Payroll Strategist

As disbursed, remote, and global workforces become more prevalent and managing them becomes more complex – especially from a payroll and international payments standpoint – global organizations are scrambling to find solutions and new ways to streamline these processes.

That’s why many organizations turn to maintaining a separate bank account just for payroll. Some have multiple accounts for different countries. Many get a headache just from thinking about all the extra work this brings.

This bears the question – does it make sense for companies to maintain separate bank accounts, sometimes in different countries, just for payroll? Is there a better way? And what role do virtual accounts/digital wallets, also known as an e-wallet, can play in helping multi-national companies streamline the ever-so-complex processes of making payroll payments – accurately, efficiently, securely, and on time?

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Discover the pros and cons of a payroll wallet vs. payroll bank accounts globally
  • Learn how companies can accurately forecast their payroll costs to increase working capital
  • See how streamlining global payroll payments can turn them from a siloed administrate burden into a strategic asset