Webinar | US payroll

Navigating the complex ecosystem of US payroll

Ian Giles

Global Payroll Strategist

David Bercow

Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Vensure Employer Services

US payroll is one of the most notoriously complex payroll systems in the world – whether it’s the heavyset tax requirements, the federal, State, and local government regulations, or all the demands and best practices concerning benefits structure and social security, there’s really no smooth way to navigate US payroll on your own.

Unfortunately, if your plans involve global expansion, then US payroll is bound to be a pitstop in your journey at one point or another.

In this informative, on-demand webinar, we clear the fog around US payroll, by exploring the following topics:

  • The complexities of the US payroll landscape
  • The importance of accurate employee classification payroll management, efficiency, and compliance.
  • The critical role of the right technology in achieving full compliance throughout the payroll process.