Person typing on laptop
Webinar | Compliance Management

From Data to Regulation: Achieve 360º Employee Compliance

Ian Giles

Global Payroll Strategist

Gina Dorcelus

Global Employment Expert Manager and US Employment Counsel

Gregory Pyper

Senior Corporate Counsel at BambooHR

In today’s digital age, managing employee compliance has become an intricate dance between data, privacy, and regulations. From the moment of hiring to the intricacies of termination, every step along the employee journey is fraught with compliance risks that can have far-reaching consequences. However, with the power of automation and other tools, organizations can not only navigate this intricate landscape but also proactively ensure 360-degree compliance.

This webinar dives into the essential aspects of employee compliance management. Throughout the event, we explore real-world challenges, local regulations, best practices, and the role of automation and AI in simplifying the compliance journey.

Be prepared to emerge with a comprehensive understanding of how to protect your organization and employees while staying compliant in an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

You will learn:

1. Comprehensive Understanding of Employee Compliance Risks

2. Hiring Globally with Confidence

3. Mastering Data Management and Automation for Compliance