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Are Employers Ready for the Next Pandemic?

Gilit Sher
Gilit Sher

Head of Global Services, Papaya Global

Natalie Harel Yakov
Natalie Harel-Yakov

Business Development Dept. Manager, DavidShield

Evanthia Pegioti Cassapi
Evanthia Pegioti Cassapi

EMEA People Snr. Director, Cognyte

Imagine getting sick without health covererage.

It’s a nightmare scenario, which is why health benefits are a top priority for employees everywhere – especially in the wake of a global pandemic.

Thankfully, we recorded this free webinar from leading experts at Papaya Global, Cognyte and DavidShield.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Prepare for the next pandemic
  • Attract and retain talent with health benefits
  • Navigate global health regulations and customs