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Papaya Products


Hire US employees legally and compliantly without having to establish local entities. Papaya sources, vets, and hold the best established local experts accountable so you can streamline your hiring strategy.


Boost employee productivity and foster a sense of teamwork by offering competitive health insurance, retirement plans, and other top benefits to your U.S. workforce.


Papaya is licensed to hold and transfer funds safely and compliantly, leveraging J.P. Morgan and Citibank rails. We deliver rapid and secure payments to your US employees, every time – with perfect accuracy and full liability.

Partner Overview

Lightsource Global opens the door to a global workforce by connecting highly skilled workers with companies across the globe. Lightsource’s experts are diligent about keeping their clients compliant and helping navigate the laws and regulations of setting up shop in the US. They also set up your US employee with benefits, insurance, payroll, and more, so you can focus on daily business tasks.

Meet the Team

esta pittard
Esta Pittard


Shawn Stutz
Shawn Stutz


Margie Sturz

Vice President HR & Compliance

Papaya takes it up a notch

We transform your payroll into a strategic asset

Papaya elevates Lightsource’s expertise by plugging it into our AI-powered global payroll platform. You can manage your entire global workforce – including US-based employees – from a single place, creating a seamless flow for your payroll operations. On top of that, we independently audit our partners, adding an extra layer of security and compliance to your payroll operations.