Security and Privacy

Protection from the ground up

Protect your business. And your people. Our industry-leading security and compliance solutions safeguard the most sensitive data

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Defend your Data.

Our platform complies with the strictest international standards and regulations.

SOC1 Type II
SOC2 Type II
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ISO 27001
ISO 27701

Stronger Physical

AWS hosted

Papaya Global as a SaaS based application is hosted in the Amazon Web Service cloud. Key physical security aspects include: role based data centre access, biometric access, 24×7 security, security cameras

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Smarter Network

  • Firewall protection
    Safeguard what matters most with a private network of services protected by a WAF
  • Unparalleled Security
    Top security is our top priority, with dedicated access for every customer
  • Segregation
    Each component is in a different subnet with access between components controlled
  • Monitoring
    Extensive monitoring via AWS tower
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Data Security, Delivered.

  • Encryption Elevated
    We store your data on encrypted S3 storage for ultimate security and peace of mind
  • Secure Data Transfer
    All data is transferred through secure, encrypted communication channels
  • Network Segregation
    Access between components is controlled and each one is in a different subnet
  • Audit Control
    All access and modifications to data are logged and audited for complete protection.
Data security delivered

Application Security.
Applied Better.

  • Penetration tests
    Detect security issues before they happen, so they never do
  • Automated Verification
    Use the power of AI to upload and scan files by our in-country partners to ensure everything is 100% correct
  • Precision Audits
    Audit your data before it’s published to employees
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Mitigate risk.
Maximize results.

  • Cybersecurity Training
    Combat security breaches with trained
    experts at your side
  • Supply Chain Visibility
    Assess all 3rd party service providers and managed applications.
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Your Security. Our Priority.

Inform our team of any security issues. We’re here to help.


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