Global Payroll & Payments Platform Starting at $3 /mo per employee

Full-Service Payroll

Starting from

$12 /mo per employee

Includes our advanced payroll platform, embedded payments, global partner network, and employee portal

  • One unified platform for payroll, payments, and workforce analytics
  • Ideal for companies with 3-20 locations

Payroll Platform License

Starting from

$3 /mo per employee

Upgrade your payroll and payments technology without replacing your payroll partners

  • No need to rip and replace your existing payroll network
  • Quickest “Go Live” on the market

Data and Insights Platform License

Starting from

$150 /mo per location

Analyze payroll costs and headcount in real time

  • Gain strategic insights into your business
  • Consolidate data from all your suppliers


Starting from

$3 /mo per employee

Streamline payments through the first embedded platform designed for workforce payments

  • Increase working capital through faster payments and shorter cycles
  • Licensed to hold and move funds across borders

Employer of Record

Manage all your EOR locations on one platform

Starting from

$650 /mo per employee

  • Hire top talent anywhere
  • Build local teams in weeks, not months
  • Test new markets – without payroll liability

Contractor Management

Onboard and pay international contractors quickly and compliantly

Starting from

$2 /mo per contractor

  • Simplify growth and scale
  • Build local teams in weeks, not months
  • Test new markets – without payroll liability

Global Expertise Services

Supplemental benefits packages for all employee types at all locations

Starting from

$190 /mo per employee

  • Global Health Plan – put your people first
  • Immigration – support for global Visa
  • Global Equity – attract and retain top talent

Solution Features

Business Value

Worker Type

Payroll and Payments

Country coverage 160+ countries supported All
Automated Payments Automated payments in local currency – directly to worker bank account. All
Payslips Automatic production & email of worker payslips All
Equity/ Expenses Advisory and operational support for worker equity & expense payment. EOR & Payroll
Equity Management Advisory and operational support for worker equity management. All
3rd Party Payments Payments into IRS, National Insurance, Pensions, etc. All


Platform Dashboard/Panel Single-point access to all projects and platform modules. All
User Permissions Customized roles & permissions for access, data viewing, and system actions. All
Approval Chains Customized approval chains for Invoicing, Payroll Summary publication, and Payment processes. All
Notifications Customized notifications on system events (invoice issuing, payment request, etc.) All
New Worker Requests User-friendly wizard for adding new workers to existing/new projects. EOR & Payroll
Reporting Payroll intelligence suite with dynamic & visually rich reports for Payroll, HR, Payments, Billing, and Admin data. All
Integrations Wizard-enabled implementation of integration with supported HRIS systems (e.g. BambooHR, NetSuite…), and customized integration for non-supported platforms. All


Technical Support Global support center for platform operations and troubleshooting, All
Knowledge Base Detailed information on platform use – as well as relevant regulations, compliance requirements, and more All
Center of Excellence Dedicated experts providing locations-specific information regarding employment & payroll (e.g. cost simulation, tax filing, immigration, etc.) EOR & Payroll


Contract Management Fully compliant, end-to-end digital contract management: from initial proposal to signature. All
GDPR Compliance Fully compliant management of GDPR requests. All
SOC2 Compliance Fully compliant with SOC2 requirements for securing and managing customer data. All
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What is Papaya Global's payroll pricing model?

Papaya Global offers a straightforward fee structure. We charge a set-up fee per location, and a cycle fee per employee, and a year-end fee for tax filing. That’s it.

Does payroll pricing vary per country?

Due to the varying complexity of payroll processing in different regions, there may be variations in pricing in some countries. More information is available on request through your account manager.

What is included in your setup fees?

Papaya’s team of professionals will take your project from the very beginning all the way through the go-live period. You will receive a dedicated project manager, implementation managers to tailor the experience and answer questions, and the full payroll setup across all of your systems. You also get parallel payroll runs and the subsequent go-live.

Are there additional charges for integrations (ERP etc)?

Papaya believes that integrations are a core part of our offering and does not charge extra fees.

Do you charge an onboarding fee?

Onboarding is a key factor in employee motivation and retention. Papaya provides a tailored onboarding experience for every client with customized contracts so that every point that matter to you is covered, including intellectual property assignment and confidentially. Instead of operating a self-service onboarding process with standardized contract templates and no human support or interaction, Papaya charges a small fee to allow us to ensure all your employees start off with the best experience possible.

Do you charge a deposit?

We charge a refundable deposit to ensure that funds are available to pay your employees on time – under any circumstances. The deposit serves as a safety net, protecting your employees in the event of an emergency or an unavoidable delay. Holding a deposit is the only way to guarantee payment.

Does EOR pricing vary per country?

Papaya’s fee is 650 euros per employee per month in countries located in Europe and $650 per employee per month for most countries outside of Europe.

Why is EOR pricing more expensive than payroll/contractors?

The difference is in the scope of the service we provide. EOR is an outsourced service for companies that do not have an entity in the country where they are hiring. It involves handling all aspects of workforce management around the globe. Payroll is a managed service with only the payroll outsourced. Contractor management involves invoicing and paying independent contractors.

Can we pay contractors in different currencies?

Thanks to Papaya’s global payments service, you can pay contractors in over 100 currencies.

Can we pay contractors based on a timesheet or a recurring amount?

Some companies pay contractors only for the hours they work and others pay a monthly fee as a retainer. Papaya can accommodate either approach, so you’re always covered.

Do you have a minimum contract length?

Papaya believes in the quality of our service, and that companies that work with us will want to continue. That’s why we do not demand that companies sign up for a minimum length of time. Even those that do have a 60 day opt-out clause written into our basic agreement.

Are there any other additional fees we need to be aware of?

All pricing matters you need to be aware of will be included in the pricing proposal we provide. There are no additional fees. Papaya’s pricing model allows for us to be completely transparent and upfront about costs.

What kind of support is included in the pricing?

In each of Papaya’s services you will be provided with a dedicated customer success manager or global payroll expert. There is always a person in your time zone, who will be available to provide support, speaking the local language. You also get access to our in-house experts on global employment, taxes, benefits, and labor laws, and a knowledge base on hiring in 160 countries – at no additional charge.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Papaya is happy to provide volume discounts at the time of sale when appropriate. We also want to reward our clients who grow with our solutions. Ask your account manager for details to find out if your company qualifies for a volume discount.

Do you require a minimum number of workers across all models?

There is no minimum. Papaya serves companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.