Workforce Platform

Fintech for
global payments and payroll

The world’s first end-to-end platform for secure, compliant, and efficient global workforce management.

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Regulated with full
liability and control

Optimized workforce payments

Make global direct deposits to all stakeholders and for all employment categories in 160+ countries – from a centralized location, on payment rails designed to deliver on pay day.

Licensed and regulated 

With our international licenses to hold and transfer funds, Papaya is a regulated financial institution utilizing Tier 1 banks’ infrastructure and rails, keeping your funds segregated and secured. 

Onboard in one pay cycle

Onboard 10,000+ employees at multiple locations with ongoing support from Papaya’s in-house experts and our designated local experts.

All the data.
One platform.

Our platform brings your payroll, HR, and payments info into one data fabric, presenting a standardized, intuitive view. See expense, PTO, benefits, and time and attendance and more – all through a single panel.

Our system integrates with all workforce management tools you are already using, including NetSuite, Workday, and BambooHR for friction-free data sync and transfer.

Our software gives you a standardized, intuitive view that’s always up to date and reflects changing global regulations.

Your global workforce super-engine

When to comes to payroll, no two payslips are identical, especially if your workforce is a combination of employees, EOR, and contractors.

We handle all the complexity of different salaries, pensions, benefits, equity, and more, producing standardized data for all locations, integrated with your management tools and validated through our automated accuracy engine.

We handle all that complexity in one engine, producing standardized data for all locations that integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP and other HR or finance partners.

Our automated validation engine provides an additional layer that ensures total accuracy. No discrepancies or delays.

There’s an app
for that

Your data and tools are always available – on the platform or through your mobile device. You get total convenience without sacrificing security or efficiency.

Close the loop with smart integrations by pushing all required data into your organization’s ERP.

Payments: The heart of global of payroll

Papaya’s Workforce OS offers unified processing, faster and more cost-effective transfers, flexibility in global payments, integration with payroll data, complete visibility and control, regulatory compliance, and a unified platform for payroll, HR, and payments.

We built our own payment rails and global payments network, so you’re always in control of your working capital. All transfers attributed to the name of your business — not a bank or third party.

The engine room
Data collection

Your one-stop-shop for nonstop success

Our platform seamlessly connects your people, payroll, and payments, so everything is consolidated, automated, and validated.

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Why is a unified platform more effective than separate platforms for payroll and payments?

While payroll companies have traditionally focused on processing payroll and then handing it off to an outsourced third party, Papaya is directly involved in every part of the process—and tracks payroll data at every stage of the cycle.

That comprehensive engagement means we can run full simulations of the payment delivery, seeing every obstacle that would otherwise drive up costs or cause delays. It shows us exactly what the banking fees will be in advance, so we can predict your total funding obligation with complete accuracy.

Using a single, unified platform creates an innate sync for all the data accounting for payroll costs, FX volatility, and fees. Putting the Workforce OS in the hands of treasurers, finance managers, and CFOs transforms global workforce management and brings a new level of efficiency to the entire operation.

Does Workforce OS provide more control and visibility?

With Workforce OS, your funds are stored in accounts you control, dedicated to paying your global teams. All payments have full transparency and utilize optimized payment rails, including FX rates, and come with Papaya’s liability assurance that every payment will arrive on time and accurately.

You can open wallets in 14 different currencies, but the total always remains under your name. You also receive detailed reports of all your financial activity, so you have complete visibility of all payments. You always have access to your funds, even if something happens to Papaya Global.

Those funds can be tracked through every stage of the payroll and payments process, from salary updates to gross-to-net calculations. We provide a full suite of business intelligence so you can turn your payroll data into actionable insights.

How does Workforce OS streamline my workforce management?

Workforce OS is the only global platform that offers payroll processing AND payroll payments as a single, unified process. With a single master system for all payroll operations, all employees know who their payroll provider is, who their point of contact should be, and how to approach that person with any issues or questions. With onboarding for example, there is a set approach to taking on new employees which can be verbalized at the earliest stages so that the process has as little friction as possible.

Rather than having 10 different payroll providers across 10 different countries, all of which use different styles and formats, your payroll data will be translated into a single global language, to make it easy to understand the impact and day-to-day workings of each regional entity. Your Italian entity’s records or payroll invoices may currently need resource-intensive translation before they can be compared in any real way to your American ones, for example.

At Papaya Global, we ensure salary can be viewed as a cost item across all locations, in one single global ontology.

Can Workforce OS mitigate FX volatility?

When currency exchanges are necessary, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) typically require a large deposit—often around 20%-30%—to cover FX fluctuations that could impact the payment amount. Some might offer a lower deposit, but if FX costs are higher than expected, the banks will simply take the missing amount out of employee’s salaries, leaving them short.

Our Workforce Wallets were built to deliver a full value transfer on time, everywhere – thanks to our unified payroll and payments platform. We always have all your payroll data, allowing us to predict the entire payroll process. And because you can fund your accounts very late in the payroll cycle, Papaya’s technology can predict FX fluctuations virtually to the dollar.

So there is no need for large deposits eating away at your working capital.

Can you ensure local compliance for payroll and payments?

Compliance with payroll and payment regulations is a critical concern for organizations operating globally. By integrating the entire process through a single platform, organizations can automate compliance checks throughout the process, dramatically reducing the risk of errors and non-compliance.

As a licensed and regulated financial institution, Papaya Global meets all government regulations at the highest levels, including a thorough KYC and AML process, so we know all of our clients are legitimate organizations.

Our automated payroll and payments platform includes an AI-powered compliance engine to ensure payroll calculations are accurate and in full local compliance in every country.