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Papaya Global and US EORs

The US is one of the most enticing marketing in the world for global expansion. You can start hiring in America without opening an entity through Papaya Global’s US EOR (employer of record) service. Papaya’s EOR will serve as the legal employers for your team and handle workforce management tasks like payroll and payments. You manage the team’s day-to-day tasks.
Papaya’s EOR assumes liability for your team and handles all compliance considerations. That makes it easy to test the US market before fully investing in your local presence. And if things go well, you can scale your team seamlessly.

US EOR Costs

Papaya’s costs for the global PEO service are always transparent and clear, making it easy to project your US workforce costs accurately. There is a set monthly fee for every team member employed through Papaya’s US EOR, with no hidden costs or surprises.

Papaya’s EOR model is the same for every team member, regardless of seniority level or salary structure. We don’t charge a percentage of the payroll, so you can hire at all levels without concern for higher costs.

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Advantages of Using a Global PEO

Working through a US EOR is better than opening an entity when it comes to minimizing risk and maintaining the highest level of flexibility. You can add people to your US EOR team at any time, or even close the account quickly if your business isn’t working as you planned.

At the same time, if your business is taking off and you want to build a permanent presence by opening an entity, you can transition your workforce to the entity quickly and seamlessly through Papaya’s platform. All their workforce data is already securely on the platform.

Why Hire in the US

With 320 million US residents and trade agreements with 20 countries, the US market can reach a whopping 420 million people. The World Bank ranks the US 6th in the world for ease of doing business, a designation that points to the pro-business orientation of governments at all levels.

The 50 US states offer countless smaller markets in major international cities such as New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles – all of which have the potential to reach a national base of consumers. The scale alone is unlike any other market. For example, California alone has a GDP roughly equal to the entire UK.


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