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Papaya Global and UK PEOs

You don’t need to open an entity in the UK to build a workforce in full compliance. You can hire through a UK PEO (professional employment organization) provider that will serve as the employer of record for your local staff or workers.

Working with a UK PEO (also called a UK employer of record) is like outsourcing all of the workforce management. You hire the people and direct them in their daily tasks while the UK PEO handles all administrative duties, like payroll, time-tracking, and benefits.

Save on a UK PEO

With a UK PEO, your costs are clear and transparent. You pay a set fee for each employee, and nothing more. There are no hidden fees, no percentages of payroll, and no end-of-year surprises.

Planning a budget has never been easier, especially when you are testing a market and trying to decide if you want a permanent presence.

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Why Use a UK PEO

A UK PEO is a great option if your company wants to move quickly and with the least possible risk. You can build a local UK team in a matter of weeks, instead of months of bureaucracy it takes to open an entity. You can test the market without an obligation to stay long-term, and you can scale in no time.

Since the British PEO serves as the official EOR, your company is not liable for the employees. There is no need to navigate the UK employment system, register with all of the tax offices, or worry about legislative changes. All you have to do is find the talent and the local UK PEO puts them to work for you with full compliance.  

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Easy UK Hiring

See how Papaya Global can help you hire in the UK without an entity while staying 100% compliant.

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