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Papaya Global and PEO in Taiwan

If you’re thinking of hiring people in Taiwan but you don’t want to open an entity, you can pay them compliantly through Papaya’s Taiwanese PEO service. The PEO takes full liability for their employment and handles workforce management tasks like payroll, payments, and benefits. All you have to do is manage the workers in their day-to-day responsibilities.

A PEO in Taiwan, also knowns as an Employer of Record (EoR) model, is a quick way to ensure your company is always compliant. It’s also the employment option with the least risk. It’s easy to change the workers’ status if you decide to open and entity or to close the project down. It lets your company maintain maximum agility while you test the market and see if you want a permanent presence in the country.

Taiwanese EOR Costs

Papaya’s Taiwanese Employer of Record is an affordable option, especially compared to the cost of opening an entity in New Taipei or Taichung. You pay a flat fee for each employee every month, and nothing more. It’s that simple. It makes no difference if you’re hiring a senior manager or an entry-level assistant.

With set fees, you know exactly how big a budget you’ll need long in advance, so you can plan accordingly. You can also adjust the headcount at any time to maintain the highest ROI on your overseas expansion.

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Advantages of Using a Taiwanese PEO

A Taiwanese Professional Employer Organization is a great option for companies that want to hire in Taiwan but are not yet ready to open an entity – or even if they are opening an entity but want to start operations immediately, before clearing all of the bureaucracy. It’s quick and easy to set up: you can onboard the whole team in less than one pay cycle. That means you never need to miss an opportunity just because it took several months to register the entity.

At the same time, opening a new office in a foreign country is challenging. There are so many questions about taxes, labor laws such as overtime pay and minimum wage, and local business norms. But with a Taiwanese EOR, whose questions are answered for you by local experts. So you can slide into a new expansion without having to worry about local knowledge.

Why hire in Taiwan?

Taiwan has long been one of the most attractive places for building a workforce. Taiwanese employees are respected world-wide for their strong work ethic. The education system puts an important emphasis on building skills in math and computer science, so it’s easy to find a full range of workers, from beginners to highly skilled experts.

The biggest cities in Taiwan, including Taipei City and Kaohsiung City, are major centers in Asia, and open the door to further expansion throughout the eastern hemisphere. With cost of living low, salaries are highly reasonable, making Taiwan a highly desirable location for overseas hiring.

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