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Papaya Global and Portuguese PEOs

Portugal is one of the best places in Europe to hire people, and you don’t need an entity to pay them compliantly if you work through Papaya Global’s professional employment organization (PEO) in Portugal. It’s the quickest way to hire a workforce overseas. Onboarding only takes a few weeks, so you never need to miss a business opportunity because it took too to hire your workforce.

Working with a Portuguese PEO – also known as an Employer of Record (EoR) – is also the best way to minimize your risk while you test out a global expansion. The PEO serves as the official, legal employer for your team and takes on the liability for their employment. It also handles the backend workforce management, like payroll and benefits. All you do is instruct the team members on their day-to-day tasks.

Portuguese PEO Costs

Working with a professional employer organization in Portugal lets you save the time and expense of opening an entity, a process that could take months and require a significant investment. Instead, you pay a set monthly fee for every hire, regardless of their salary or seniority.

There are no hidden fees you discover only after you committed. It’s simple, straightforward, and reliable – just what you need when you are trying to decide if you want to expand the team and start planning for a permanent presence or stay agile with a small, temporary team.

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Advantages of Using an EOR

Using an EOR is a great solution for small or medium-size companies that are looking to expand cautiously or for companies of all sizes that hire people working remotely in Portugal. It saves the companies the hassle of opening an entity, especially if they only hire a few scattered people or a relatively small team. The solution is widely recognized across the globe and always fully compliant with all local labor laws and tax codes.

Another advantage is that a PEO is easy to open, easy to close, and easy to convert into a legal entity. If you choose to make the arrangement permanent, when the entity is processed by the government, all your workers can be converted to regular employment at your company in no time. All the data for their employment has already been saved, so they can change without losing their seniority or changing their benefits.

Why Hire in Portugal?

There is no shortage of reasons for hiring people in cities such as Lisbon, Porto, or Amadora. All three are making major contributions to the emerging tech hub growing in the area. It helps to have a business-friend government – named second best country in southern Europe for business – a young population seeking to break into the tech field, and a location that puts all of Europe at your doorstep.

Of course, Portugal also attracts a fair share of digital nomads for its low cost of living, excellent weather, and the lowest crime rate in Europe. The growing number of foreign tech companies that have opened offices in the country may be the biggest proof of how desirable a location it is. Using a Portuguese PEO is a great way to try it out, with low risk and high reward.

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