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Papaya Global and Polish PEOs

If you don’t have an entity in Poland and need a quick and compliant way to pay your remote workers or your teams in Warsaw or Krakow, your best option is Papaya Global’s Polish PEO.

Papaya’s Polish PEO, also known as an Employer of Record (EoR), serves as the legal employer for your entire local team and handles all of the administrative workforce management tasks, such as payroll and payments. It also holds legal liability for the employees. At the same time, you direct the team members on their day-to-day assignments.

Polish PEO Costs 

Papaya’s PEO costs are based on a set fee per worker each month. That setup doesn’t change. It’s not based on how much you are paying in salary or the seniority of the worker. It’s always the same, month after month.

When you set your budget for the coming quarter or even the coming year, you can count on knowing your precise workforce costs for Poland. You can measure your ROI with confidence and adjust the size of the team, as necessary.

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Advantages of Using a Polish EOR

With Papaya’s Polish EOR, you can onboard your whole team in a matter of weeks – or even days in many cases – making the professional employer organization the quickest way to get your workforce up and running in Poland. You can take advantage of business opportunities immediately, without waiting for months of bureaucratic processing needed to open an entity.

It’s also the most flexible option. It’s easy to open or close, to add or remove team members, or even to transition the team to regular payroll if you decide to make your presence in Poland permanent. The payroll data for your entire Polish workforce is already in Papaya’s payroll system, so the change can happen in the shortest possible time – without any impact on your worker seniority.

Why Hire in Poland?

Poland is one of the most desirable locations in the world for hiring computer engineers. Cities like Warsaw are commercial centers for Eastern Europe. There is a seeming abundance of top talent, and since the cost of living is relatively low, salaries are more affordable than elsewhere in the European Union.

In addition, Poland is gaining a reputation as a country that is open for global business. In a poll of 190 countries, Poland placed 40th for ease of doing business, and continues to improve every year. Opportunities in Poland are growing, and you don’t need an entity to join in. You just need Papaya’s PEO in Poland.

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