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Papaya Global and Philippines PEOs

You can start hiring in the Philippines – even with no entity in the country – with Papaya Global’s PEO service. The arrangement is fully compliant with all labor and tax laws, making it the quickest way to get a workforce up and running.

Working with Papaya’s Philippine’s Employer or Record is also the easiest way to run a global expansion. The global PEO handles all of the workforce management so you can focus on directing your talent in day-to-day tasks, not tracking hours or accumulated paid time off.

Philippines Employer of Record Costs

Papaya Global offers a straightforward fee structure for its Employer of Record (EOR) service, charging a fixed rate for every EOR team member, no matter how much each person earns. There are no hidden fees or percentages of their salary.

The fully transparent pricing is designed to make expansion easier. When you know exactly how much you will have to pay for each employee, you can plan your growth with confidence. You can also track your ongoing global workforce spending through Papaya’s advanced analytics, so you always know how many employees you have around the world and what it costs to keep growing in each location.

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Advantages of Using a PEO

In addition to being the quickest and easiest way to start hiring in the Philippines, working through a global PEO is also the safest way to test a new market. The PEO, as your team’s official employer, holds the liability for their employment. You get all of the benefits without assuming any of the risk – a rare no-lose opportunity.

If the market proves successful, you can add team members or even open your own entity transfer the team to your own payroll. If it doesn’t work out, you can close the project in no time with no fees or penalties.

Why Hire in the Philippines

The Philippines boasts one of the biggest economies in Southeast Asia and remains known across the globe for producing people with a strong work ethic. Cities such as Manila, Pasig, and Davao City have attracted great interest for companies looking for remote talent as well companies opening branch offices in the Philippines.

The cost of living in the Philippines is about half of what it is in the US, and salaries are proportionately low as well, allowing employers to provide extremely competitive salaries for much less than they would pay in Europe. The city of Makati is one of the country’s great business center, offering a host of opportunities for hiring highly skilled talent along with support staff any company needs.

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