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Papaya Global and PEO in the Netherlands

Papaya Global’s PEO in the Netherlands is the top choice for companies looking for quick and efficient ways to pay their employees compliantly in the Netherlands – even if you don’t have a legal entity in the country.

Papaya or a local partner serves as the professional employer organization for your workers and handles all of the back-end workforce management, such as payroll, payments, benefits, and more. You still direct the workers on their day-to-day assignments. It’s the fastest and easiest way to run a global expansion.

PEO Costs in the Netherlands

Opening an entity in the Netherlands is time-consuming and costly. You can eliminate that expense through a professional employer organization in the Netherlands and limit your costs to a set fee per employee each month. All of the costs are transparent, so you can plan your budget in advance.

Unlike other PEOs in the region, Papaya’s PEO fees are not based on a percentage of the salaries. It makes no difference which position you are filling. The costs are always the same regardless of any outside factors.

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Advantages of Using an EOR in the Netherlands

A PEO, also known as an EoR (Employer of Record), is a great solution for companies that hire people to work remotely around the world, or to send teams to the Netherlands on a trial basis. The PEO ensures local compliance to tax codes and labor laws and does not require that you have a working knowledge of local business practices.

The EOR allows you to maintain maximum flexibility. You can open and close a PEO project much easier than you can with an entity. You can transition the team to an entity quickly if you decide to make it permanent. All of the payroll data you need is already on the system, so your team won’t lose seniority if you make the move.

Why Hire in the Netherlands?

Hiring in the Netherlands brings your company in sync an advanced Western country with a sophisticated and worldly population. You can fill virtually any position without extensive effort. Cities like Amsterdam and the Hague attract waves of digital nomads and travellers. You also have access to the whole of the European Union, one of the largest markets in the world.

It’s a great place to launch an expansion, and with Papaya Global’s PEO in the Netherlands, it’s quick and easy to get started. You can have your team on the ground within one pay cycle. So take advantage of the opportunity. There has never been a better time.

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