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Why Choose Papaya Global as a Japan PEO Service

You don’t need a legal entity in Japan to start building a workforce. You can hire through a Japanese Professional Employment Organization (PEO) and stay in full legal compliance. This global PEO is the official employer for your team members and handles all payroll and workforce management, but you stay in charge of their day-to-day tasks.

Hiring through a Japanese PEO provider is the quickest way to enter a market. There is no bureaucratic waiting period like there is with opening an entity, and the Japanese EOR assumes all liability for your team members.

Employer of Record Costs in Japan

Hiring through an EOR is not only quick and easy but also predictable when it comes to price planning. Our Japan PEO prices are transparent, with no hidden fees and no added costs you weren’t expecting. You can calculate the costs of your expansion to Japan to ensure that the return on your investment will be considerably greater.

The Japanese employer of record functions as an outsourced back office for your employees, so you don’t have to worry about learning all the tax and labor laws for Japan. Local experts do all the behind-the-scenes work for you while you focus on building a profitable operation.

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Advantages of Using an EOR

Working with a Japan PEO is a great way to test the market before committing significant time and resources to the operation. You can start small and build the team as the project gets more successful. It’s hard to be as agile if you open a legal entity, which costs time and money to open, and more time and money to close if the market turns out to be a bad fit.

A Japanese EOR is also the simplest solution for the early stages of a new expansion. Instead of worrying about where your employees will work, what sorts of benefits you have to provide, or the logistics of registering with tax authorities and making payments, you can begin operations right away and hit the ground running if the project takes off and you are ready to make it permanent.

Why Hire in Japan?

Opening a branch office in Japan or just hiring a local country manager is a great way to get a foothold in one of the most attractive and developed markets in the world. It is the third largest economy in the world, and for companies working in the tech industry, Japan is easily one of the most important telecommunications hubs across the globe.

Japanese companies are also renowned for quality, boasting high standards that attract buyers the world over. As one of the world’s true business centers, and a touchpoint for all of Asia, there is no better way to compete than by taking advantage of the local expertise, but in regard to the workforce you hire and the PEO that makes it a snap to manage that workforce.

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