Global Payroll succeeds
with the power of SaaS.

Automate your payroll processes, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency in 160+ countries – all from one platform

  • Reporting
  • Salary Updates
  • Payment
Run Payroll

Keep your global payroll rolling

Put automation at the forefront of your workflows.

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  • All worker types

    Streamline payroll for existing, employer of record, and contract workers—in 160+ countries—even without a legal entity.

  • Consolidated

    Standardize payroll data into one platform under a unified format and a single stream.

  • Integrated

    Save time and eliminate errors by connecting your full payroll stack .

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Compliance & A.I

Less stress. More accuracy.

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  • Compliance Engine

    Our platform checks data completion and 100% accuracy.

  • Verification

    Stay on track and budget with employee data verified and compared to your unique cost plans.

  • Audit

    Create preventative reports to show payroll discrepancies

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Grant User Permissions

We set the standard.
You set the flow.

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  • Assign roles

    Set user roles and permissions for ultimate privacy and security.

  • Ensure accuracy

    Customize approval chains for each payroll location.

  • Easily comply

    Access all trail logs and SOC reports, quick and easy.

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Strength in numbers

Get all the numbers you need, when and how you need them

Learn our HR & Payroll Analytics
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Better POV. Even better ROI.

View your total employer costs, or drill down by cost center, country or worker

Cynthia Rooper

Cynthia Rooper

Global Payroll Analyst

The ability to run BI reports over multiple countries and multiple pay elements makes global reporting manageable, seamless, and efficient

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Mind the gaps

Uncover payroll gaps with tools that instantly compare worker, item, payment, and employment costs—month over month

Payroll overview cycle

The ultimate benefit

Understand the costs of your global workforce benefit plans and how they impact payroll

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Automate your global payroll by your next pay cycle.

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HR & Payroll Analytics
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Get 360 degree visibility into your global workforce spending

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Compliance Expertise
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Verify all of your global payroll data in seconds.

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Boost productivity and performance

Papaya’s global payroll technology thinks about everything. So you can focus on what matters–your business.

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