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I’m not happy that I should work with different payroll providers in each country


Managing a global payroll is complex in the best of circumstances. But when opening a new location means finding a new global payroll company and in-country partner, it can become an overwhelming experience. Balancing different providers means separate streams of data. It is impossible to know how many employees you have and how much you are spending on payroll in real time.

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You can replace all your global payroll partners with Papaya Global and manage your global payroll operation through one point of contact. Papaya offers a complete solution for the total workforce, supporting all types of global workers (payroll, employer of record, and contractors) in over 160 countries. That means you never need to look for local payroll providers again.

Our automated, cloud-based SaaS payroll software provides an end-to-end solution, from onboarding and people management to payroll processing to payments. It creates 100% accurate payroll that is always compliant with the local labor laws and tax codes.

The platform can go live with a global client within weeks (not months!) thanks to Papaya’s AI and RPA process, its ability to integrate with all data tools (such as expense management, Time and Attendance, and more), and advanced Business Intelligence that provides actionable workforce spending reports in real time.

Companies that prefer to keep their pre-existing network of payroll partners can opt for Papaya’s licensing model. They can get all of the benefits of Papaya’s automation, standardization, and advanced business analytics without ripping and replacing their existing payroll system

Global payroll, global oversight and auditing

The Company

CyberArk, a publicly traded company on NASDAQ, is recognized as one of the world’s most advanced cyber security companies specializing in Privileged Access Management. Its multi-layered protection system allows companies to dramatically lower their vulnerability to external cyber-attack.

The Challenge

With hundreds of workers spread across four continents, CyberArk needed a global workforce management solution for different pay cycles, varying compliance standards, and overall workforce expense monitoring.

The Solution

Papaya took over the existing operation and unified all of the different formats, reports, and workflows from a host of different sources. By aligning all of the data in one automated platform that presented all the information in one view, CyberArk was able to manage payroll and expenses, ensure zero manual processes errors, and monitor the entire cycle-from onboarding to benefits management, payroll cycle, and payments.

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We want to hire employees aboad but don’t know how to comply with local labour and tax laws


Many companies hesitate to launch new projects overseas because they are concerned about compliance issues. Every country is different when it comes to tax rates, social contributions, mandatory benefits, and labor laws. Those regulations can change without warning, making compliance a constant challenge. Keeping track of legal requirements in many different countries can be overwhelming.

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When it comes to global payroll compliance, no one can be an expert on all of the laws in every country. But with Papaya Global’s automated workflows, your company can operate everywhere with complete confidence that you are always in legal compliance.

The automated platform is tailored for each client and localized for each hiring region. The workflows guide you through the entire payroll process for each country, ensuring that all of the local standards are met. If action is needed, you get an alert telling you exactly what you need to do.

The entire structure is backed by our select network of in-country partners, our in-house experts, and our proprietary compliance software.

Our local partners are Papaya’s eyes and ears on the ground, ensuring that any changes in the relevant legislation are incorporated into your payroll immediately. Our Center of Excellence can answer all of your questions. Our built-in compliance engine serves as an automated safety net, so that all payroll is always in line with local laws across the globe.

I want to replace our manual payroll system with cutting edge automation


When it comes to multi-country payroll, a manual process is time consuming and prone to error. Payroll reports could arrive in all different formats. Expense reports will be backed by receipts in the local language and virtually impossible to audit. Each country has its own tax and labor regulations. Repeating this process for dozens of employees in multiple countries manually is untenable.

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While most payroll departments still remain tied to their manual legacy payroll practices, today’s business environment offers opportunities and risks that can only be addressed with state-of-the-art technology, most prominently global payroll automation.

Papaya Global’s cloud-based platform automates your entire payroll process, drastically reducing the time and resources allocated to processing employee information, taxes, salaries and other information. It removes human error, resulting in a perfect payroll run, month after month.

But automation does more than reduce the chances for errors. It also ensures data accuracy more directly. An automated system “sees” all the data that passes through it and ensures that the line items are correct. If there is missing data, the system will let the payroll manager know at the earliest point possible, so that reports never go out with incomplete information.

Automation simplifies global payroll. With automation, it is also significantly easier to spot any discrepancies between the actual and expected payment amounts. If tax rates for a particular country are outdated or wrong, it will show up in the review process, not after the payments have been made.

I want to be able to track and have visibility into our global payroll

Most global companies do not know how much they are spending on their global workforce or even their total headcount. Every region is processed by a different payroll partner who would store the data separately using their own format, language, and currency. To see the big picture, you have to retrieve each payroll individually, standardize the format, convert the currency, and then aggregate all the data manually.

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With Payroll BI, all global data is processed through the Papaya Platform, standardized in form and converted to one currency. You can see your global payroll costs in real time, just with a click of a button.

Payroll BI can show the total workforce costs for the entire global operation. It can show each country individually, and even each department within each country. You can compare reports over time periods. You can see the difference between the gross and net costs for each employee in different countries and different markets and identify the biggest expenses.

If a cost comparison shows a difference, you can see the reason for the change. You can track exactly how many employees were added over a given period and how many left the company. If you want to see how employee costs changed over the past three months among engineers in your locations in, say, France and Norway, that information is easily accessible.

With Payroll BI, you are in full control of spending. And it doesn’t take a long and complex process to find it. It’s all there at your fingertips.

I need help managing paperwork, payroll, taxes, and compliance globally

At many companies, payroll in different countries is processed by different payroll providers with a wide assortment of benefits vendors. All that they have in common is a large stack of spreadsheets. The process is typically manual and all of the data is isolated, leaving it up to payroll managers to put all of the pieces together like a puzzle.

Papaya Global handles the payroll process in the most efficient manner possible. It takes all of the different reports payroll managers receive from all the different departments in the all the different countries – all in different formats and styles – and standardizes them into a single, usable format. It then combines all the siloed data streams from all the different departments and consolidates them into a single stream of data.

The platform integrates with all workforce management tools and data sources such as HRIS, expenses management, time and attendance, and ERPs, to remove the burden of manually collating data related to any aspect of the workforce. It also provides an employee self-service portal, replacing manual entry in multiple systems.

Companies that have expanded to a dozen overseas locations involving hundreds of employees – some of whom are full-time, some part time, some work primarily on commission, some that are employed through an Employer of Record model, and others that are contractors and require invoices rather than payslips – need Papaya’s next-generation technology to sort through all of it.

I want to avoid mistakes during global payroll payments

When it comes to payroll payments, there is no room for error. However, in a manual payroll process, mistakes could creep in at any point in the process. Orchestrating the cash flow, accuracy, and compliance required for global payroll payments often requires working with a third-party payment system, making it harder to stay in control of the process.

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With Papaya Global’s advanced payment capabilities, you can make direct cross-border payments to your entire workforce, all local authorities, and third-party vendors with one click. Direct transfer through Papaya’s secure platform eliminates need for third-party involvement. Payments arrive in the local currency with payslips in the local language.

The system is structured to provide maximum control over the payment process. Each company sets its own approval policy, so you always know the status of every payment, and you can monitor the process in real time.

The payroll payments are delivered in full legal compliance, and your employees can access their payslips through Papaya’s special portal for employees, ensuring that their data remains private and secure, in compliance with GDPR and all related legislation.

You can see all your payroll payments in one place instead of going to different platforms and different accounts. The system aggregates all your payment information to one screen for a clear view of the entire process. You always have complete control at every stage, and most importantly, complete peace of mind.

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I’m not happy that I should work with different payroll providers in each country
We want to hire employees aboad but don’t know how to comply with local labour and tax laws
I want to replace our manual payroll system with cutting edge automation
I want to be able to track and have visibility into our global payroll
I need help managing paperwork, payroll, taxes, and compliance globally
I want to avoid mistakes during global payroll payments

From global individuals to unified, effective units spread across the globe. Papaya Global made global growth a snap.


Hire anywhere and manage your global payroll through one dashboard. No more spreadsheets, compliance violations or errors.

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Employer of Record/Global PEO

An EOR lets you hire without a local entity and stay fully compliant. Papaya Global provides the payroll, benefits, and workforce management through our network of in-country partners, located in over 140 countries.

Also known as Global Employee Leasing, Employer of Record (EOR) or GEO )Global Employment Organization), joint employment or co–employment.

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Papaya helps manage contract workers – both domestic and foreign – to avoid misclassification and ensure proper payment. See more information on our extensive global contractor management solutions.

Global contractor management solutions

Services Support

HR Administration and Benefits Management

We provide HR and payroll solutions for distributed teams and remote workers. Our detailed country guided offer benchmarks for benefits, pension plans, salaries, and compensation for over 140 countries.


Companies seeking to relocate employees abroad need advice on permits. Our service includes obtaining work permits (for expatriates. business trips and short-term assignments), residence permits, and spouse and family permits.