The Only Payments Tech
Built for Global Workforce

Papaya OS – globally licensed to hold and transfer funds & backed by JP Morgan – built the first payments rails designed for global payroll. We also take full liability, giving your biggest expense the solution it deserves.

Licensed, regulated, reliable 

Just like a global bank, we’re licensed to hold and transfer funds globally, so you can pay out to 160+ countries securely and compliantly. 

Automated, AI-based 

Say goodbye to manual transfers and hello to one-click payments. Push payroll cutoff and ease working capital stress with AI-driven account funding.

Your control. Our liability 

Determine when the funds should land and never deal with late payments again. We guarantee 72 hour delivery and take full liability if something goes amiss.

Keep more money in your hands for longer.

We built an AI-driven payments platform for payroll, so you can push salary cutoff later AND fund accounts with more precision and less buffer. That’s more of your money in your hands for longer — each month.

7-day KYC
Papaya Global’s innovative incremental approach to KYC means smooth and compliant operation of your business without unnecessary requests.
Smart simulations
Our AI simulates your payments in advance, so you know exactly how much to fund CMAs. This mitigates the risk of delays and unexpected FX fees.
Virtual wallets
Easily open virtual wallets in multiple currencies. Add and remove funds instantly, allowing you to fund once and pay your global teams in a click.

Embedded payments.
Built for workforce.

We’re the first and only payroll provider that built its own regulated payments network, optimized for your workforce needs. So you can deliver worker, authority, and vendor payments with complete control and visibility — in real time.

Full Value Transfers
Our proprietary payment rails mean zero payroll leakage. With Papaya, what you send is what they get.
Full Value Transfers
No hidden fees
Owning the payment network ourselves allows us to have full transparency into transaction charges — and provide you with flat, lower fees.
No hidden fees
Perfect timely delivery
With Papaya, instead of sending payments at a certain date and hoping it’ll arrive on time, you set the arrival date — and we make sure it happens.
Payment classification
All your payments are tagged as payroll, tax payments to authorities, or vendor payments, and are properly attributed — preventing unnecessary delays.
Full Value Transfers
No hidden fees

A Complete Enterprise Payments Solution

Obtain financial flexibility with an end-to-end payments solution, built for global workforce at scale

Every type of payment

You can handle any payroll-related payment with Papaya Global, including tax and authority contributions, net payments, pensions, and more.

Guaranteed delivery in 72 h

Banks simply don’t understand the importance of timely payroll payments. We get it, which is why we guarantee delivery in 72 hours or less.

Multi-currency support

Fund your account in USD, EUR, GPB, AUD, CAD, HKD, or SGD. Pay out in over 100 currencies,
with additional 160+ countries being added all the time.

One dashboard for everything

Workforce management and embedded payments execution under one roof – the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

Intuitive apps, expert assistance

Create new funding methods, choose funding sources and assign them across projects with intuitive apps. And our experts are always on hand to assist you.

Virtual wallets

Easily open virtual wallets in multiple currencies on our platform. Add and remove funds instantly, giving you more flexibility and control over your working capital.
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Boost productivity and performance.

Papaya’s global payroll and payments technology covers it all. So you can focus on what matters — your business.

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