Payments designed for
global workforce

With five money transfer licenses for global coverage, you can rapidly fund your Papaya virtual payroll accounts in 12 major currencies and pay your workers locally in 160+ countries

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Dedicated for payroll

Global payroll payments must be paid in local currency, arrive on time, include authority payments and be classified as payroll. Papaya guarantees it all happens smoothly.

Bank-level regulation

We’re the only regulated fintech designed specifically for global payroll payments. Papaya is licensed to hold and transfer funds safely and compliantly, leveraging J.P. Morgan and Citibank rails.

Global payroll wallet

Forget about managing multiple local bank accounts. Instead, fund one virtual payroll bank account in the currency of your choice and pay globally in local currency in more than 160 locations.

Fix all your global payroll payments pains

Other global payroll providers only offer a service to outsource your payments. Papaya, on the other hand, built the first technology dedicated for global payroll payments, so paying your global workforce was never easier, faster, and more secure.

No errors. No delays. No leakage. Always delivering full-value transfers, on time.
Instant payment rails
From immediate delivery up to 72 hours – we guarantee your workers payments will arrive on time.
Always fully compliant
With accurate classification as salary and with you as the ultimate debtor – your payments always meet all local rules and regulations.
Always fully
Treasury management flexibility
Our fast delivery and accurate funding mean you can keep more of your funds in your accounts for longer, gaining interest and financial flexibility.
Always fully
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Streamline Your Global Payroll Payments with Papaya Global

Discover how Papaya Global’s platform is simplifying global payroll payments

Licensed, regulated,
optimized – and fast

Building a ground-breaking technology isn’t enough. To master the nuanced world of payroll payments you have to become a financial institution – licensed, regulated, audited, and always compliant. So we did.

Licensed for payments
Papaya is a regulated financial service company, holding money transfer licenses around the world.
Money transfer license
Audited by regulators
We provide full liability for our clients’ funds, regularly performing transactional monitoring, screenings, and AML checks
Audited by regulated
Tier1 banking rails
We established our banking rails by partnering with J.P. Morgan and Citibank for a secured and reliable global payment delivery.
Tier 1 banking rails
Fast-lane KYC
Our infrastructure allows you to set up a virtual payroll account within 7 days or less
Fast lanes KYC
Money transfer license
Audited by regulated
Tier 1 banking rails
Fast lanes KYC

Why is one so
much better than two

Papaya is also a world leader in global payroll software. So just imagine what having all your international payroll and payments all happen in one place can give you. Now stop imagining.

One platform is more secured
No manual data transfers, no emails running around. One secured process from payroll to payments
One platform more secured
One platform is naturally streamlined
Salary updates, regulation changes, holidays – it all reflects immediately onto your payments execution, guaranteeing accuracy and zero delays
always in sync
One platform is better integrated
Standardize data inputs, automate Journal Entries, and streamline your payroll ledger and reconciliation processes with our dedicated HCM and ERP connectors
Better integrated
One platform is more transparent
Complete visibility and control when managing your global workforce payroll and payments, enabling you to take smarter strategic decisions
One platform more secured
always in sync
Better integrated


Days KYC process to open a virtual payroll wallet.


Faster Global payroll payment processing


Same day worker payments with our global payroll payment rails


Accuracy- ensure payment precision with advanced compliance, and AI validation engines

Fast. Accurate. Secure

With payroll workforce wallets that you can fund in 12 currencies and pay with in 160+ countries – It’s everything finance teams need to finally streamline global payroll payments

Which currencies are supported?

As a cross-border payment provider, it is critical for us to make sure your employees receive their salary in the currency of their choice. Papaya is licensed to accept funds in over seven different currencies including EU and USD, and can pay out in any currency your worker prefers. See full details in our payments coverage page.

What is a payroll wallet?

A payroll wallet is a virtual payment account dedicated to payroll. It is used specifically for managing payroll transactions to employees and authorities. This is a simple and secure way to streamline the payroll process and to ensure that all payroll-related transactions are properly recorded and accounted for. Papaya’s payroll wallet is a client money account (CMA) hosted by either J.P. Morgan or Citibank – our official payments partners.

How can I trust Papaya with my funds?

Papaya Global is a regulated financial institution and the only global payroll provider currently offering insured international payroll payments. Papaya Global’s acquisition of payment remittance technology company Azimo provided us access to an extensive payroll payments coverage network in more than 160 countries.

Our partnership with J.P. Morgan and Citibank’s payments processing solutions powers Papaya Global’s fully automated, regulated, and transparent software solution.

What KYC process do you require?

Papaya offers a comprehensive yet efficient KYC process that is streamlined and owned by a dedicated team – and completed in one to seven days.

What is Papaya’s support process?

Payroll payments require immediate attention, and Papaya offers 24/7 (including weekend and after-hour) support to ensure payroll payments are paid on time.

What screening process is there in place? 

Papaya developed a unique screening technology that performs a double verification mechanism for every single payment. This takes place upon payroll calculation then again during the payments process. The verification ensures we identify possible AML or any other risky payments immediately, and avoid delays and frustrations.

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