Find Your Payroll Payments Efficiency Blind Spots

Questions to help us determine the optimal payroll payment strategy for your company

1. How many countries do you currently operate in and make payroll payments to?

2. How long in advance do you need to fund your payments account?

3. How often do you encounter issues with late or inaccurate payroll payments?

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4. How fragmented is your payroll payment process? 

5. How challenging is it to process payments to authorities? 

6. What percentage of payroll is left as a deposit to cover foreign exchange volatility?

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Your Payroll Payments Aren’t Optimized

Based on your responses, there might be some blind spots in your current global payroll and payments process. Book a demo to see Papaya’s custom solution for your company.

You'll learn how to:

  • Open e-wallet accounts to fund and pay workforce globally from one account, replacing multiple local banks accounts
  • Eliminate late payments and payment errors from your payroll cycle
  • Minimize funding period and deposit size before payment
  • Reduce payment complexity and fragmentation
  • Automate journal entries and ERP sync

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