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Start earning by sending us traffic or using your network. It only takes a few minutes to become a Papaya Partner.

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Get paid when you refer a lead. The more leads we get, the more you earn.

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Papaya offers market leading lead conversions and payouts.

Online Affiliates

Promote Papaya Global to your network and earn commissions on clients we get through your site. We offer high rates of payment and a wide assortment of resources to help your page stand out and gain traffic.  

Referral Partners

Help your clients navigate the increasingly complex world of global compliance by introducing them to Papaya’s groundbreaking global payroll and payments platform. You’ll get a great reward for yourself and a discount for your clients, improving your overall offering.

Connector Partners 

Send us clients who could benefit from advanced payroll and payments technology and we’ll do the same for your company.

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    “Papaya not only provides great services that we love recommending to our audience, but their marketing team is full of professionals who are knowledgeable, passionate, and are fully aligned with how we think about growing long-lasting partnerships.”

    Sal Martorano, Strategic Partnership Manager.

    Become a Papaya Partner

    Whatever your traffic source or referral network, Papaya has a partnerships plan suited for you. Sign up today and enjoy market leading payouts and conversions.

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    How do I sign up?

    For online affiliates and referral partners, sign up by clicking on the sign-up buttons which will take you to the platform where we manager our partnerships program – Partnerstack. After signing up on the Partnerstack platform a partnerships manager will then be in contact with you.

    For connector partners, please use the specific form on the connector partners tab above.

    What pay out/commission can I earn?

    Papaya offers a variety of commission plans tailored to the type of traffic or leads you are referring to us. After signing up a partnership manager will discuss those plans with you.

    Is there a limit on the number of leads we can refer?

    There is no limit on the number of leads you can refer to us.

    When will we receive payment for the leads that we refer?

    Payments are managed via Partnerstack, and you will receive them by the 10th of the month for leads referred the previous month.