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It’s like your CFO got a CFO.

Introducing Papaya OS, the world’s first operating system for payroll and payments: one seamless flow for data collection, processing, and more.

Even better, when you run payroll & payments with us, you get EoR and contractors for free*.

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Cut in payroll costs


Faster payroll & payments processing


Bounced payments


Full liability

Commitment to Accuracy

At Papaya Global – the only financial institution built to serve global payroll payments – we guarantee full liability throughout the entire payroll and payments journey.

Unified payroll & payments.

Run payroll and payments on one seamless platform. Payments are guaranteed to land on time, with instant transfers available in many countries.

A bird’s-AI view.

Validate millions of data points automatically with an AI-powered validation engine that does all the hard work for you.

Full compliance. Everywhere.

Stay compliant in 160+ countries. Papaya OS automatically updates with changing regulations, so you know you're always covered.

Enterprise-scale capability.

Bulletproof your payroll and payments for up to 10,000 employees and more, with tools that don't stop scaling.


inaugural "Top Startups for the Enterprise" list

GGV Capital

“The rising starts in fintech innovation” list

Global Payroll Association

“Automation & Integration” award


honoree list 2nd year in a row

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