JE Reconciliation 

Turn your payroll into a JE
in one click – for any ERP

Improve payroll efficiency with automated JE reconciliation

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Automated and 100% accurate

Automatically Generating JE

Once the cycle is approved, the JE is instantly generated.

ERP Platform Agnostic

Papaya generates your JE for any ERP system followed by a one-time mapping process

Save hours of manual work

Papaya generates your JE for any ERP system followed by a one-time mapping process

One time mapping to fit your ERP system

Papaya maps your JE needs and customizes it for your ERP system, ready-made in the structure you need. You never need to think about your JE again.

Save time, lower costs, and eliminate errors

The JE is generated automatically once you approve your payroll summary, saving you hours of manual work and insuring error-free reconciliation.

Seamless JE reconciliation

Log into your Papaya account and see your files ready for downloading, ready for uploading to your ERP system. Balancing your books has never been so simple.


Hours (avg.) of manual work saved each month


error free JE reconciliation


of all ERP systems are supported


decrease in manual data syncs

Fast. Tailored. automated

Your JE file is generated automatically when you approve your payroll summary. It’s quick, accurate, and works with any ERP – the best way to handle your accounting needs.

Yes, we CAN call ourselves leaders. We’ve earned it.

Setting up the integration was easy; the format of the JEs fits directly into our NetSuite’s template, and once it was up and running, we could post payroll journals automatically

Andrew Wing, Senior Accounting Manager, SentinelOne

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Boost productivity and performance.

Papaya’s global payroll and payments technology covers it all. So you can focus on what matters — your business.

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