NetSuite Connector

Turn your payroll into a
NetSuite JE – in one click

Automatically turn your G2N report into a JE with Papaya’s dedicated NetSuite Connector, a built-for-NetSuite solution that uses verified API integration for global payroll data.


Fully Automated

In each payroll cycle, G2N report approval triggers an automatic process where the JE is created and pushed into your NetSuite account.

100% accurate

Based on a one-time mapping, the JE is automatically created, validated and added to NetSuite Ledger for your approval.

Reduce costs

Our automated JE process saves on average 15-20 hours per cycle of manual work caused by creating and validating the JE.

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The only Netsuite-certified global payroll partner

Papaya’s dedicated Netsuite connector creates an automated, end-to-end payroll ecosystem – from onboarding employees, to processing their payroll and payments, and all the way to JE reconciliation.

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A built-for-NetSuite solution that’s scalable, automated, and secure

Papaya Global is a NetSuite Suitecloud Developer Network (SDN) partner and the only global payroll and payments company designated as an approved “Built for NetSuite” solution with a certified API integration for global payroll data.

Scalable & Flexible
Communicate seamlessly between systems and create customizations that can be scaled without disrupting operations.
Fully automated
Instantly turn approved G2N reports into JE that will automatically be added to NetSuite Ledger.
Secured & compliant
Instantly turn approved GN2 reports into JE that will automatically be added to NetSuite Ledger.

API integration for
automated, efficient and
error-free process

Enhance your payroll financial operations by leveraging Papaya’s API integration for a fully automated process, generating your payroll JE in one click.

G2N report approval
Use Papaya’s platform to perform all necessary audits and approve the cycle based on a predefined approval chain.
Payroll JE created in NetSuite
Approving G2N will automatically trigger and generate the JE file, which will be pushed via API to your NetSuite account.
JE Approval
Access your NetSuite account and approve the payroll JE to update your records.

dedicated NetSuite connector

As the only global payroll payments offering a “Built for NetSuite” solution you get seamless integration with NetSuite for your payroll data via our dedicated connector.

API integration
Papaya’s NetSuite connector is a one-way API integration.
Data flow
Papaya to NetSuite- pushing the JE into your account.
Sync trigger
The JE is pushed into NetSuite each cycle upon clicking to approve G2N report.
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Boost productivity and performance.

Papaya’s global payroll and payments technology covers it all. So you can focus on what matters — your business.

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How long does it take to integrate my Papaya account with Netsuite?

The time required to implement integration with Netsuite can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the data mapping and the availability of IT resources from the client end. Generally, a basic integration can be implemented within one hour. If any customization is needed, it can take an additional couple of weeks to complete full integration.

Can Papaya’s integration with Netsuite be customized?

Yes, Papaya’s integration with Netsuite can be customized to meet an organization’s specific needs. Customization may be required to map data between different systems, implement business rules and workflows, and handle exceptions and error conditions.

What is the mapping process between Papaya and Netsuite for payroll JE?

The mapping process between Papaya and Netsuite involves defining the relationship between the data elements in the two systems to ensure that payroll data is accurately recorded in the general ledger. The mapping process, which is done withing Papaya’s platform, involves identifying the corresponding fields in both systems and defining the rules for translating data. In our integration guide you can find the exact mapping process.

How does Papaya ensure data accuracy when integrating with Netsuite?

Papaya ensures data accuracy with Netsuite by implementing data validation and error handling processes, performing regular data quality checks, and ensuring that data is mapped and transformed correctly between the two systems.

How does Papaya ensure data security and privacy during integration with Netsuite?

As NetSuite Suitecloud Developer Network (SDN) partner, Papaya utilizes a direct and secured API connection to NetSuite. In addition, Papaya complies with the strictest international standards and regulations such as GDPR, SOC 1 type II, SOC 2 type II, ISO 27001, ISO 27701.

Why is it important to use a Suitecloud Developer Network (SDN) partner like Papaya?

An integration partner can play a key role in integrating a payroll platform with Netsuite for JE reconciliation by providing expertise in data mapping, system configuration, and custom development. The partner can also provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of the integration and help organizations address any issues that may arise.