Connecting HR & Finance:
The Alliance Your Workforce Needed

Payroll is your biggest expense and liability. Streamline its complexities by unifying HR and Finance tech stacks with one integrated platform. ​

Automated workflow ​

Papaya consolidates all data streams, eliminating the need for manual journal entries and providing an error-free and seamless process, backed by AI.

Connecting workforce tech

Create a seamless payroll operation with Papaya’s connectors. Use integrations with NetSuite, Workday, and others, and link HCM to ERP for complete operational unity.

Visibility, security & control

View real-time payroll data of every employee type in every location on one screen. Our direct data transfer eliminates manual data input, reducing errors and security vulnerabilities.

HR data to Papaya:
rapid, secure, reliable

Human Capital Management / Employee Data
Instantly integrate new onboards with HCM, either through a native integration with Workday (SFTP), CSV file, or built-in API. Transfer payroll data from any application directly into Papaya OS with pre-built APIs, SFTP, and custom API integrations.
Time & Attendance
Seamlessly and automatically integrate standardized time and attendance data straight into your payroll calculations, further reducing manual work and human error.
Expenses Management
Import expense data via SFTP into the payroll processing stage for a faster, more accurate, and more secure outcome. ​

Triple-verified payroll for payment processing ​

Effortless journal entry
Journal entries now flow from Papaya Global to NetSuite. Replacing tedious manual entry, customers can receive approval-pending JE files directly.
Enterprise resource planning
Track and record data, audit figures, and prepare spending reports with greater accuracy for complete control. With far fewer access points to sensitive data, it’s that much safer, too. ​
A-Z data dependability
Finally, a single source of truth. High-quality employee data that Finance can trust, allowing for faster data entry, faster approvals, and fewer missed deadlines or reversals.​

Hassle-free universal HCM integration

Reduce 90% of manual work by integrating any HCM, HRIS, Excel, CSV data and we’ll automatically convert, validate, and sync it to Papaya OS

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Global workforce visibility with NetSuite ​

Consolidated data on global costs; fully automated with no manual management required. Our NetSuite integration generates a complete ledger of all employee costs — payroll, benefits, taxes, and reimbursements.

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Less data management. More effective, more efficient, more human.

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Track expenses, submit expense reports, pay bills, and more.

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SAP SuccessFactors

HR software that delivers experiences to help employees achieve their goals – and yours.


Allowing businesses to manage HR processes, employee data, benefits, and performance reviews 

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HR software platform that provides talent management solutions 

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Offers HR,  talent, and workforce management solutions 

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Don’t see your third-party system here?

Papaya’s proprietary file mapping and integration tool streamlines all compensation data, keeping payroll automated, on time, and accurate.​

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