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Hassle-free Universal HCM Connector

Integrate your data from any HCM, HRIS or Excel to Papaya OS –
in less than one hour.

Your data, your way

Reduce 90% of manual work- integrate any HCM data and we’ll automatically convert, validate, and sync it to Papaya OS

One connector, no limitations

Employees’ details, PTO, salary updates, and more- any type of information can be uploaded & synced with Papaya’s HCM cloud connector.

No extra cost

Seamless integration with 0 costs for customized integrations, IT resources, or using the solution.

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Simplify payroll financial processes 

Papaya’s HCM cloud connector integrates any HCM into Papaya OS to streamline your payroll financial operation- from onboarding employees to paying them. Papaya’s HCM cloud connector automatically converts and uploads any HCM data to be reflected on Papaya OS, based on your data structure. 

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HCM connector
for an automated, error-free process

Eliminate manual work and scale your payroll financial operations by leveraging Papaya’s HCM cloud connector to automatically process any HCM data to Papaya OS.

Increase efficiency
Reduce the time required to transfer data between systems with an automated process that converts, validates and updates any HCM data.
Improve accuracy
Easily integrate any HCM data into Papaya OS, based on your data structure and a one-time mapping – ensuring consistency and 100% accuracy with an AI validation engine.
Save time and money
Reduce the manual work needed to convert HCM data between platforms by 90% so that you and your team can focus on value-added tasks.
Scale your operations
With an automated process that converts, validates and uploads the information, you can handle large volumes of any HCM data.

Connected payroll technology

A connected payroll payments ecosystem must be adaptable. That’s why Papaya’s HCM cloud connector automatically converts, validates, and uploads any HCM data to be reflected on Papaya OS, based on your data structure. As part of the technology, you get:

An automated data converter
The HCM cloud connector automatically integrates any HCM data into Papaya OS following a one-time mapping process.
An AI validation engine
With Papaya’s AI data validation engine, we make sure to process 100% accurate information —immediately flagging any data that needs to be audited.
Enhanced security
Being part of Papaya OS technology, the HCM cloud connector keeps strict security standards and protocols to ensure your data is always protected.

Simple integration process

We do the heavy lifting! Streamlining your payroll and payments operations means simplifying integrations and reducing IT & tech resources. With Papaya’s HCM cloud connector you can go live in 30 minutes, in just three steps:

One-time mapping
Easily connect to HRIS or HCM systems or integrate with any workforce tools.
Validating the data
Ditch email-based approvals. Take the pain out of post-payroll through secure internal transfer.
Importing the data
Our platform is the expert on regulations — global and regional.
Setting up SFTP
Papaya’s SFTP integration will allow you to upload any HCM data from this moment onwards

Increase your payroll cycle efficiency


Reduce manual work in data conversion, validation and sync


Ensuring total accuracy with AI validation engine


No additional integration cost required

Scale your payroll operations

Payroll is a strategic asset that operates as part of a company’s ecosystem and delivers viable impact on its bottom line:

Why is SFTP integration important for payroll and payment processing?

SFTP integration is important for payroll and payment processing because it eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces errors. By automating the transfer of data to Papaya OS, companies can save time and reduce the risk of mistakes that can lead to incorrect payments and compliance issues.

How secure is SFTP integration for transferring sensitive employee data?

SFTP integration is a secure method for transferring sensitive employee data because it uses encryption to protect data during transmission. SFTP also requires authentication before access to the data is granted, which further enhances security. All of this, together with the Papaya OS strict security measures and certifications, keeps your data privacy intact.

What triggers the data sync when updating the data?

Each time you drag and drop a file into the SFTP folder it triggers the automated process of AI validation of the data, importing it to the platform and reflecting the data accurately on your projects.

Are there any special requirements regarding the files format and sizes?

Yes. The files need to be in .xls or .csv format and at maximum of 20MB (for larger files, you would need to break them down to smaller sizes). In addition, UTF-8 encoding is required for all text files to ensure accurate representation of special characters and support for multiple languages.

What is the mapping process when integrating an HCM/HRIS platform with a payroll platform?

The process when integrating with Papaya’s HCM cloud connector involves mapping data from the HR system to Papaya OS. This ensures that the data is in a format that can be understood by Papaya OS and that employee information Is consistent and 100% accurate. The mapping process typically involves identifying the fields in the HCM/HRIS platform that correspond to Papaya OS and creating a mapping between them. Our AI validation engine makes sure that the mapping is accurate before syncing it to be reflected on Papaya OS. The mapping and integration process will be done together with Papaya’s team in a video call and takes less than 1 hour to complete.

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