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What is MAT B1 form?

MAT B1 is a document in the U.K that expectant mothers have to submit to be eligible for statutory maternity pay from their employers or maternity allowance from the government. The document includes the individual’s personal information, as well as the expected due date.

In payroll, employers may also use the MAT B1 form to calculate what the employee’s pay should be during her maternity leave.

Employees are able to receive this document from their healthcare provider after being pregnant for at least 20 weeks. They then must submit the form around 15 weeks before the due date, so that the employer has time to properly prepare. She also has to give notice as to when she’s planning to take the maternity leave.

Managing pregnancy confirmation forms with a global workforce

Pregnancy confirmation forms are commonly used around the world. But differences in healthcare, legal requirements, and culture can make managing these documents on a global scale more complex.

It’s important for companies managing payroll worldwide to use their resources to answer to these differences across global operations. For example, a lot of companies use global payment execution platforms to both understand and navigate the different regulatory ecosystems concerning parental leave payments.


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