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What is a company sick day?

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Company sick days are days employees take off work due to illness or injury. Companies often offer company sick day schemes so that employees can have the time they need to properly recover. A generous scheme can also appeal to prospective employees.

The phrase ‘company sick day’ tends to be specific to the UK. Other countries have similar concepts, so a company sick day can be referred to as a global benefit. In the US, there’s “short-term disability benefits” and “sick leave benefits,” for example.

Company sick day vs. statutory sick day

It’s important to note that company sick days aren’t legal requirements. Most companies have their own unique policies regarding sick days, like payment for each reported sick day.

Statutory sick days, on the other hand, are the minimum number of sick days companies are required to pay their employees by law.

What’s in a typical company sick pay scheme?

A typical company sick pay scheme will include:

  • How much time an employee can take off due to injury or illness
  • How employees are to be paid (full pay, reduced pay, sliding scale, etc.)
  • Provisions on long-term sick leave
  • Guidelines for reporting sick absence

Managing company sick pay schemes with a global workforce

Each country may have its own regulations, rules and customs concerning sick days.

Managing a global workforce means adjusting sick day policies and tracking methods to adhere to local demands.

Partnering with a third-party provider can ease the process. A global payment distribution platform with the necessary software and solutions, for example, will be able to track and calculate sick day payments for global payroll in a way specific to each country of operation.

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