Global Workforce Management Automated

Managing a global workforce

Companies are expanding globally faster than ever, but local labor laws, regulations and benefits are becoming increasingly complex. Knowledge gaps and manual processes are causing global workforce retention to be 50% lower than local.

Managing your global workforce doesn’t need to be such an arduous task. Our HRIS platform simplifies global workforce management by using automation and integration, ensuring compliance and reducing the costs in managing your global workforce.

Our system connects you to a global network of preferred suppliers and employer-of-record service providers, offering a fully transparent, painless and automated experience for global employers and employees

GDPR + Transparency

Global Reach

Our reach spans over 100 countries allowing your global team to expand precisely and with ease

With preferred suppliers in each of these countries providing services on PEO, immigration, work permits, local payroll & benefits we make sure all your global expansion and workforce needs are covered.

We’ve worked hard to establish preferred suppliers through a vetting and screening process that guarantee full local compliance when entering a new country. This is how we ensure you’re getting matched with the right global payroll suppliers, employer-of-record service providers and professional employment organizations. Whether you’re looking to set up a local entity in Singapore, a professional employment organisation in China or contractors in Australia we have the global network to get you up and running

GDPR + Data Transfer


Papayas expert platform is fully automated.

Managing a global workforce and payroll across multiple countries using spreadsheets and email is time consuming and prone to too many errors.

That’s why we created a cloud based automated payroll platform that puts your payroll on auto-pilot ensuring zero mistakes

Our cutting-edge technology transforms traditional international human resource management by automating payroll, benefits and budget calculations.

GDRP + Data Collection


Papaya Global is the first HRIS platform to be fully GDPR compliant and to adhere with over 90 other countries local employment and payroll regulations.

Companies can no longer rely on traditional communication methods and excel files to transfer digital data. Today companies need a global workforce solution that protects personal information and ensures data is collected, stored and managed in a secure way.

Papayas cloud-based global workforce management solution provides compliance by encrypting documents, improving the security of personal employee information.

Whilst our network of PEO suppliers integrated into our system ensures that your payroll will be 100% compliant with local laws and regulations.

GDPR + Information Management


The Papaya Global workforce management solution was designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing platforms, instantly improving global payroll management by providing you with 100% compliance, simplified control and enhanced analytics.

Papaya Global integrates with all major ERP platforms, such as SAP SuccessFactors, Workday and , NetSuite. The platform also supports information input from forms, CSV and spreadsheets, as well as API integrations. This allows for simultaneous monitoring of your whole global workforce, and the removal of blind spots and gaps between your various HR systems.

GDPR + Data Transfer

Discover how we automate global workforce management

Discover how we automate global workforce management

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