Global Immigration

Unlock Your Best
Global Talent

Navigate immigration laws, visa requirements, and work permits around
the globe to ensure successful workforce relocation for your business. 

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Relocate talent anywhere

Papaya’s immigration experts guide you through each step of the process, assessing the eligibility of every employee. 

Hassle-free visa process  

Our team handles all the paperwork and compliance for you. You find the talent and we manage the visas.

Seamless visa management 

Track the exact status of visas across your global workforce. Our platform alerts you when your attention is needed.  

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Get benefits that benefit everyone

Papaya’s Global Health Plan could be the missing piece that sways top talent from looking to the competition.  

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Platform Benefits

Our 360 degrees global workforce management solutions

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Global Benefits
Land the global talent you want by offering the benefits they need in 160+ countries.
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Equity Solutions
We comply with local laws for all worker types in 160+ countries, so it’s all simplified.
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Governance Model
Our white-glove services backed by our network of Papaya Partners.
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