Global Equity

Global Equity for All

Grant a wide range of equity types to your entire workforce, in all locations, and for all types of employment. (Yes, even EOR.) 

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Borderless Benefits

Papaya’s Global Equity Team handles your equity strategy everywhere you have workers—based on each location’s tax rules, compliance regulations, and all relevant guidelines. 

Decomplexifying Compliance

Imagine having an equity expert everywhere you do business. Not exactly practical. Papaya ensures optimized hiring and full compliance, no risk necessary.  

EOR: Equity without Limits 

Hiring with an EOR? Navigate equity seamlessly. We specialize in the equity process for EOR in each location, analyzing global plans, ensuring compliance, and adeptly taxable events.

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Get benefits that benefit everyone

Papaya’s Global Health Plan could be the missing piece that sways top talent from looking to the competition.  

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Platform Benefits

Our 360 degrees global workforce management solutions.

Cross-border Compliance
Our certified teams ensure the highest level of compliance, so you’re safe in every location.
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Global Benefits
Covering both physical and mental health, we put your talent and their families first—while saving you time and money.
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Immigration Services
Navigate immigration laws, visa requirements, and work permits to ensure successful workforce relocation.
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