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Our global equity solution helps you comply with local laws in 160+ countries for all worker types, so you can avoid penalties and confusion.

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Laws are not made to be broken.

Get total compliance with total confidence.

Stay on top

Legal implications of offering equity can vary from country to country – we keep you on top of these ever-changing rules.

No surprises
Keep your promises

You learn something new about tax implications every day.

Our equity experts strategically design your plan to avoid non-compliance.

Keep the change

Tax implications on equity awards can change from country to country, awards type to awards type, and from employment structure to employment structure.

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Your one-stop-shop for non-stop success

Our platform seamlessly connects your people, payroll and payments, so everything is consolidated, automated and validated.

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Well executed.

Our in-depth approach gives you the ultimate advantage.

Riskless business

We offer a country-specific approach to reduce risk and keep you on top of changing obligations.

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Platform Benefits

Our 360 degrees global workforce management solutions.

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Global Benefits
Land the global talent you want by offering the benefits they need in 160+ countries.
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Global Immigration
Hire the world’s best talent, without visas and immigration permits getting in the way.
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Our cloud-based solutions encrypt and secure employee data, ensuring GDPR compliance.
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