Global Benefits

The global talent you want. The benefits they need.

Benefits management for a global workforce.

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Benefits without barriers

No more sourcing local providers in every country, setting local accounts, and having a minimum number of employees.

Above and beyond

Show your global workforce you’re committed to a first-rate employment experience.

Benefits of benefits

Create a culture of happier, more productive, more loyal employees.

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To your health

The Papaya sponsored health plan includes doctor’s visits, medication, consultations with specialists, telemedicine, and more.

Health without boundaries

Choose your providers, equip employees with a prepaid card that allows real-time processing, and a mobile-friendly app for limitless health coverage

We’re all in

The plan is available to all your employees, whether they are local or expats.

Easy enrollment

No need to provide medical history when covering 30+ workers in one country.

Benefits everyone

Your one-stop-shop for nonstop success

Our platform seamlessly connects your people, payroll and payments, so everything is consolidated, automated and validated.

  • Fueled by compliance and accuracy
  • Easily hire, process, and pay in over 160+ countries for all worker types
  • Seamlessly integrate existing workflows
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The Total Package

Benefits boost employee productivity, align practices with shared objectives, and foster a sense of teamwork.

Localized benefits, global success

We’ve got experts on local labor and tax laws in 160+ countries, so you get the most effective global benefits plan.

A better plan

We recommend the following to cover the overall well-being of your employees: maternity/paternity leave, medical coverage, insurance, pensions, PTO, birthday benefits, meal vouchers and more.

Benefits everyone

The plan applies to all categories of workers—payroll, EoR, or contractors.

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Local leverage

We’re your one-stop shop for all types of local benefits through our local partners, so you never have to scramble to find vendors.

Step by step

Our in-house benefits experts guide you through every step of the process, advising on the best types of plans for every location.

Complete coverage

From long- and short-term health insurance to pensions and disability to dental and vision, we’ve got you covered—in full compliance with all local laws.

Platform Benefits

Our 360 degrees global workforce management solutions

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Global Equity

We comply with local laws for all worker types in 160+ countries, so it’s all simplified.

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Global Immigration

Hire the world’s best talent, without visas and immigration permits standing in the way.

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Governance Model

Our white-glove services are backed by our global network of in-country partners.

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