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We work tirelessly to innovate our solutions with our customers in mind.


Hire & Onboard

Automated Onboarding

  • Hire and onboard in 160+ countries without entity establishment
  • Supports EOR, Payrolled employees and Contractors (both SOW & Retainer models)
  • Country-specific onboarding workflows
  • Compliance with local labor laws
  • Encrypted data and documents exchange
  • Intelligent onboarding status tracker
  • AI-Driven alerts and reminders
  • Dedicated Company Hub, providing professional knowledge base & in-depth Countrypedia

All-purpose HRIS

  • Robust employee profiles, consolidated repository for worker documents
  • Customizable HR/organization attributes, such as cost centers, department, worker IDs
  • Safe 3rd-party API and file integrations
  • Make organization-level updates
  • Live time and attendance data
  • Comprehensive workforce and HR reporting
  • Predictive cost details and analytics
  • Interactive Company Org Chart (collapse/expand, zoom in out, filter)
  • Global Mobility or Immigration service, providing additional services to support work permit generation
  • Facilitate and support customers transitioning EOR employee to Payrolled employee
  • Facilitate worker transition between global locations

Engaging Employee Portal

  • Accessible on desktop and mobile
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Self-service time and attendance reports
  • Secure access to payslips, wage and tax statements and employment documents
  • Automated alerts to help stay on track
  • Engaging company org chart
  • Payment Request Builder, enabling contractors to upload tax-invoice and supporting documents

Manage Payroll

End-to-end payroll consolidation

  • Global payroll on management for your entire workforce (payrolled employees, EOR, contractors, etc.)
  • Unified gross-to-net payroll reporting
  • Manage various payroll cycle types(weekly, monthly, bi and semi-monthly)
  • Comprehensive global payroll calendars, including local holidays
  • HR tech stack integrations made easy
  • Set one-time or recurring updates for current or future payroll cycles
  • Individual and bulk updates supported, both of payroll and PTO items
  • Secure file sharing
  • Payroll data analysis, cost plans and benefit plans
  • Contractors’ payment requests approval flow
  • Dedicated JE support center

Industry-leading AI

  • Active and automated data verification process
  • Intelligent BI Reporting
  • Cost-tracking analytics
  • Auto-activated customizable payroll approval chains
  • Standardized global payroll data language
  • Customized notification infrastructure

Flexible to fit your needs

  • Combine with your existing payroll systems, or not
  • Cloud-based solution requiring no 3rd party integrators
  • Works with or without entity establishment
  • Manage payroll for some or all your global workforce
  • Pay employees through your existing providers or our platform
  • Receive automated payroll alerts based on user-specific roles and permissions
  • Dedicated company hub

Manage Payments

Payroll payment without restrictions

  • Multiple recipient types (workers, partners, 3rd party authorities, etc.)
  • Currency-specific payments
  • Locally compliant payments in over 160+ countries
  • Digital wallets for each account
  • Integrate with existing payroll partners, or not
  • One-click invoice approval and payment to workers and 3rd parties, individually or in bulk

Comprehensive Insights

  • Financial forecasting simplified
  • Single source of truth for all data
  • Intelligent forecasting

Secure and Compliant

  • No third-party involvement
  • GDPR & SOC Compliance

Business Intelligence

People Reports

  • HR Analytics
  • HR Workforce Data
  • Time Off Analysis
  • HR DEI Metrics
  • HR Retention Metrics
  • Joiners and Leavers
  • Projects Calendar
  • HR Events

Payroll Reports

  • Workforce at a Glance
  • Total Payroll Costs
  • Payroll Costs Breakdown
  • Payroll Costs Comparison
  • Payroll Data Monitoring
  • Cost Plans and Salary Updates
  • Benefit Plans
  • All Employment Contract Changes

Payments Reports

  • Funding Requests Dashboard
  • Funding Account Details
  • Payment Transactions

Billing Reports

  • Billing Status
  • Billing and EOR analysis
  • Billing Overview
  • Billing Payroll Costs Breakdown
  • Billing Comparison


  • Support SSO integrations
  • BambooHR
  • WorkDay
  • Oracle
  • Expensify
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • NetSuite