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Payroll & Payments Built
for Global Enterprises

Papaya Payroll OS is the only enterprise-scale payroll platform with embedded payments. Globally onboard workers, manage payroll, and directly pay thousands of workers of any employment type.

Tailored for enterprise

Choose from a full menu of global payroll and payments capabilities and solutions. We tailor our solutions to your organization’s needs.

Works with your systems

Seamlessly integrate your favorite local partners with Papaya Global. No ripping and replacing of the processes and partners you like — only the ones you don’t.

Go live in weeks

Because our flexible technology is not reliant on third-party integrators, you can go live with Papaya Payroll OS in just a few weeks.

One platform.
No third parties.

Papaya Global is the world’s first and only payroll provider with its own payments network. That means we’re not reliant on anybody else to handle the most important part of payroll: your working capital.

Payroll & embedded payments
Manage payroll and workforce payments on a unified OS no matter what mix of employee type, office size, countries, and currencies you require.
See everything in one view
Get a global, real-time view of your company’s payroll and payments data in one dashboard. Total visibility, flexibility, and control.
See everything in one view
Automated and lightning-fast
One-click payments in multiple currencies, delivered in 72 hours or less. Say goodbye to manual processes, missed payments, and delays.
Automated and lightning-fast
See everything in one view
Automated and lightning-fast

A Payroll OS Built for Global Scale

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise teams, resources, and data with AI-driven automations and a tailored end-to-end solution for all your workforce and payments needs.

Compliance today and tomorrow

Papaya Payroll OS is globally compliant and holds its own money transfer licenses. Our systems are always aligned with changing local regulations, so you can enjoy total peace of mind.
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Bank-level security

Payroll is your most sensitive data — and third-party breaches are common. That’s why we operate with the highest data security standards in the world.
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Seamless integrations

Papaya Global integrates with all your favorite partners, including Workday, NetSuite, BambooHR, Expensify, and more.
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Boost productivity and performance.

Boost productivity and performance, so you can focus on what matters — your business

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