Transform Your Global Workforce Payments with Papaya Global

Papaya Global introduces the world’s first automated payment system designed for global workforce payments, replacing traditional cross-border bank transfers.

Unlock the potential of hassle-free and secure global workforce payments, whether you are using Papaya’s automated platform to process your payroll or any other method that produces accurate payroll calculations.

Download our Guide to Workforce Payments. You’ll learn:

  • How to execute payments for all employment categories through a unified platform integrated with your HCM & ERP systems.
  • All the major milestones in the monthly cycle, from opening virtual wallets in multiple currencies to KYC, FX management, and delivery to employees, tax authorities & benefits vendors.
  • Why benefits such as segregated and secure accounts, local payments in over 160 countries, and customizable payment schedules are essential for an efficient monthly payroll cycle.