Where next for fintech?

After a decade of explosive growth, it’s been a challenging year or two for fintech. But are the good times already returning?

The Fintech Unwrapped 4.0 report by Sifted, in partnership with Papaya Global, lifts the lid on fintech’s future.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Chapter 1: Has the fintech bubble popped? With big plays like crypto (mostly) back on the shelf, investors turn their eyes to more down-to-earth pitches.
  • Chapter 2: Fintechs helping CFOs navigate the downturn. Meet the startups helping to modernize the creaky back office.
  • Chapter 3: Fintech’s next task: get customers and regulators on side. Growing complaints and circling regulators put new focus on compliance and customer service.
  • Conclusion: Sunnier times ahead? The fintech party is far from over. Find out which trends will power the industry ahead in 2024.