Payroll and Benefits Guide Zimbabwe

Last updated: Jun 11, 2023

Employer Taxes
Payroll Frequency
Employee Costs
Date Format
Fiscal Year
January1 - December 31



Employer Payroll Contributions


Social Security (NSSS)


Training Levy

2% to 11%

Workers Compensation Insurance


Standard Development Fund (applied on the quarterly gross wage)


Total Employment Cost


Employee Payroll Contributions


Social security (NSSS)




Total Employee Cost

Employee Income Tax


0-  300,000 ZWL

20% for each ZWL above 300,000

300,000 ZWL-720,000 ZWL

84,000 + 25% on excess

720,001 ZWL to 1,440,000 ZWL

264,000 + 30% on excess

1,440,001 ZWL to 2,880,000 ZWL

696,000 + 35% on excess

2,880,001 ZWL to 6,000,000 ZWL

1,788,000 + 40% on excess

6,000,001 ZWL and above

Employer taxes


Employee taxes



Payroll Frequency

The payroll frequency can be monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

Working Hours


The standard workweek in Zimbabwe is 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. Employees are entitled to 24 consecutive hours of rest per week. For non-shift employees, the 24-hour rest period is taken at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).


All hours above the standard workweek are paid at overtime rate. Once overtime hours begin, the minimum overtime rate is 150% salary. When an employee works on a public holiday a premium of 200% of the normal salary is normally paid. Up to a maximum working time of 10 hours per day can be agreed.


Annual Leave (vacation)

The worker is entitled to 30 calendar days (22 working days) leave after a continuous employment period of 1 year.

Vacation Days
Public Holidays

Public Holidays

Public holidays falling on weekends are moved to the next working day in lieu.

Sick Leave

During any 1 year period of service, an employee, upon request and supported by a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner, shall be granted up to 90 days sick leave on full pay. Extended medical leave can be requested under certain conditions.


Notice Period

Notice of termination of contract of employment to be given by either party shall be:
* 3 months notice in the case of contract without limit of time/a contract of two years or more
* 2 months in the case of a contact of 1 year/more but less than 2 years
* 1 month in the case of contract of 6 months/more but less than a year
* 2 weeks in the case of a contract less than 3 months/more but less than 6 months
* 1 day in the case of a contract of less than 3 months/ in the case of casual/seasonal


Severance is required only for collective dismissals due to economic reasons i.e. retrenchment, usually at 3 months pay for 1 year of service.


Probation period is usually 3 months. Casual or seasonal workers only need to be given 1 day as probation.

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