Country Experts

Your Global Payroll, Our Expertise

For accurate and compliant payroll everywhere, you need top-tier experts in all locations. Our certified accountants – designated for your employees – have the proven track record you can trust.  

World-class specialists for your payroll team.

Certified Experts

Our experts are certified public accountants with years of experience who speak the local language and know the culture. They solve complex payroll issues and track ever-changing regulations.

Guaranteed Compliance

There is no room for compromise with local payroll regulations. Papaya provides top local experts and advanced technology to ensure compliance in every region, at any scale.

Unparalleled Support 

Dedicated account managers and local CPAs respond quickly to all inquiries, providing accurate and personalized answers.

Experts that help
you prepare for tomorrow’s challenges

Our local CPAs can solve any complex legal and tax issues that arise and help you anticipate complications down the road, like terminations. Put the power of top local payroll experts in service of your global workforce.

Technology meets expertise – for unbeatable success

No matter how many employees you have or how many countries you operate in, we have the best technology in the hands of the best experts. We built our platform for scale and flexibility, so you can manage your global workforce.

Our world of experience.
Your peace of mind.

Papaya’s designated country experts comprise 40 different top-tier CPA firms spanning over 160 countries.

They have an average of 33 years of experience handling local payroll and an average of 150,000 workers under management.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients are saying about us

We know that no two payrolls are identical.

Our Designated Country Experts delivers premium service to address each unique payroll issue, putting the power of top local payroll experts in service of your workforce.

Real Stories, Real Success

‘’Papaya enables us to hire employees around the world, saving us time and simplifying the necessary arrangements -all in one solution.”

Hadar Zahor Benrey, Sr. HRBP, Claroty

“Papaya supports our global expansion, enabling us to recruit, relocate and retain employees anywhere”

Michal Wachtel, HR Operations, Wix

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Boost productivity and performance

Papaya’s global payroll technology thinks about everything. So you can focus on what matters–your business.

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