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I need an all-in-one solution to manage all my contractors

Problem description

Hiring independent contractors is a cost-effective option for specific, short-term tasks. But managing hundreds of global contractors each month is time-consuming, prone to error, and a constant concern for compliance. Collecting and processing invoices each month in different languages, currencies and formats can be overwhelming. There is usually no one available to answer questions or provide logistical support when the need arises.

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Papaya provides an end-to-end solution management for global contractor in more than 160 countries. Whether you are looking for full, comprehensive contractor management or just the approval and cross border payment process, Papaya has the solution you need.

Papaya Global collects invoices for all your contractors and validates each of them, ensuring accuracy. Papaya also manages cross-border payments to all your contractors across the globe with the touch of a button.

Our global payroll platform integrates with the HRIS, VMS and time and attendance software you are already using so that your workforce management data flows seamlessly between the platforms, keeping the data private and secure and replaces the need to enter it to our platform manually.

The entire service is backed by Papaya’s three-level governance model. A dedicated project manager oversees the entire process and serves as the single point of contact. Our Center of Excellence answers questions and gives on-going support. Our in-country partners stay informed of labor or tax law changes so you are always in compliance.

I want to get access to the best talent globally without a concern for location


In the age of remote work, companies want to find the best talent available anywhere, not just the best talent within commuting distance of a central office. But when opening a new location overseas means managing a new payroll provider with no connection to all of the other partners, keeping track of each location and every contractor invoice can be overwhelming.

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For growing companies, hiring contractors can solve any number of employment issues in a new location. There is no need to open an entity, and the payroll process is easier because contractors are paid through invoices, not paychecks. There are no tax withholdings, no employer taxes, and no authorities to pay.

Staying compliant with a workforce made up of independent contractors requires balancing a large number of invoices. To keep it manageable, it needs to be processed through a platform like Papaya Global, that covers every location. As the company grows and some of those contractors are reclassified as employees, Papaya Global grows with you, supporting the new status as easily as it did when the workers were contractors. It’s all part of Papaya’s Total Workforce Solution.

Naturally, contract workers remain a great solution for short term projects that require little oversight. And because there is less back-office administration involved in managing contractor invoices than calculating payroll, employers can offer higher hourly pay and compete for the best talent on the market.

You choose the talent. We manage the rest.

I’m concerned about contractor misclassification

Some independent contractors qualify as regular employees by legal standards but are misclassified as independent contractors, violating the rights of the workers and costing governments tax revenues. Subsequently, governments are cracking down on the practice, resulting in steep fines and damage a company’s reputation. Staying compliant can be difficult because standards for qualifying as an employee vary from country to country.

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With our comprehensive contractor management service, you never need to worry about misclassification. Papaya determines the correct classification for every contractor. If there is risk of misclassification, we recommend employment alternatives such as Employer of Record (EoR).

Many companies hire independent contractors when they open a new location, especially they are testing the viability of the new market. Hiring contractors is a good option with maximum flexibility.  But as the office grows, those independents take on more essential roles and should be reclassified as employees.

If the company exerts substantial control over the worker, the worker is entitled to legal rights that go with it. At that point, taking on contractors instead of hiring full-time employees can become a real risk.

Companies can avoid the same risks in many cases by hiring regular employees through an EoR. The legal employer assumes liability and handles all the workforce management.

Papaya has relationships with local partners in 160+ locations, so you can start hiring full-time employees as fast as you could onboard a new contractor – with is no risk of employee misclassification.

I want to be able to track and gain insights into our global contractor spending

Every location generates its own data on contractor spending. There is no standard format and the costs are collected in a different currency. If a company has 10 locations and hires hundreds of contractors, the only way for a finance manager to calculate the costs is through a difficult manual process that could take weeks to complete.

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Papaya Global is an automated platform that processes all of the company’s workforce spending, including all of the payroll, employer of record, and contractors. All of the data is standardized into a single format and the currency is converted into a single standard, so all of the costs can be seen with a single click of a button.

A finance manager can see the spending at a glance. He or she could isolate the costs associated with contractors across the globe and see the total, or divide them off by country and compare which country has the lowest costs per contractor. He can compare them by time periods, seeing if the costs when up over the past month, or if the costs were the same in the same quarter the previous year.

The costs of the contractors can also be compared with the costs of other employment options to see which option is the most cost-efficient in each region. Only an automated platform that supports all employment options can provide that level of coverage.

I need a solution for tax and insurance reporting for our global locations

Every country has its own regulations regarding how contractors are taxed, which makes it hard to set reporting procedures, insurance requirements, and tax payments. Hiring contractors in multiple countries may help companies get workers on the ground quickly, but it increases the complexity of legal compliance, leaving companies vulnerable to shifting legal regulations.

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With the varying regulations and complexities around the world, companies need a truly superhuman knowledge of global employment law, compliance mandates, and ever-changing regulations to hire in new locations, no matter which employment option they choose. Working with independent contractors poses its own challenge in each location that must be addressed individually.

Or they can work with Papaya Global and let our smart platform handle the complexity. Papaya Global has automated workflows to ensure compliance in over 160 countries, backed by local partners in each country. The software guides you through every step of the process, indicating which forms are necessary to complete and which tax rates apply in each country.

With Papaya’s independent contractor management service, all of the complex elements are covered so companies can focus on achieving their expansion goals, secure in the knowledge that the operation is covered, end-to-end.

As the number of contractors continues to grow globally, Papaya makes it easy to take advantage of the remote team hiring. Don’t let a fear of the unknown impede the growth of your company.

I need a way to transition our contractors to payroll or EOR if necessary.

Working with independent contractors has many advantages. There are no taxes to calculate and withhold since contractors are paid in a lump sum and handle their own tax payments. But when projects get longer and more complex, companies require more than temporary help. They need employees. Transitioning their contractors to payroll or Employer of Record fills that need.

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Sometimes the best solution for a company is to reclassify some or all of its contractors to regular payroll, either through an entity or through an employer of record solution. That’s especially true when a company is in a growth stage and needs the stability of a reliable workforce.

The transition from a contractor to an employee role is an involved process, placing the company directly within the framework of employment and labor laws in a foreign country. It includes an administrative and compliance burden in each location.

Through Papaya Global’s carefully vetted network of our in-country partners we can easily assist in transitioning workers on to a local payroll and making sure they understand how their compensation and benefits will be affected by the change.

We make international employment simple and help overcome one of the biggest challenges for employers and their employees: understanding the local customs, culture, and legal requirements. Using Papaya allows you to sidestep these potential landmines placing the compliance requirements and international payroll solutions in the capable hands of our dedicated in country partners.

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I need an all-in-one solution to manage all my contractors
I want to get access to the best talent globally without a concern for location
I’m concerned about contractor misclassification
I want to be able to track and gain insights into our global contractor spending
I need a solution for tax and insurance reporting for our global locations
I need a way to transition our contractors to payroll or EOR if necessary.

From global individuals to unified, effective units spread across the globe. Papaya Global made global growth a snap.


Hire anywhere and manage your global payroll through one dashboard. No more spreadsheets, compliance violations or errors.

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Employer of Record/Global PEO

An EOR lets you hire without a local entity and stay fully compliant. Papaya Global provides the payroll, benefits, and workforce management through our network of in-country partners, located in over 140 countries.

Also known as Global Employee Leasing, Employer of Record (EOR) or GEO )Global Employment Organization), joint employment or co–employment.

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Papaya helps manage contract workers – both domestic and foreign – to avoid misclassification and ensure proper payment. See more information on our extensive global contractor management solutions.

Global contractor management solutions

Services Support

HR Administration and Benefits Management

We provide HR and payroll solutions for distributed teams and remote workers. Our detailed country guided offer benchmarks for benefits, pension plans, salaries, and compensation for over 140 countries.


Companies seeking to relocate employees abroad need advice on permits. Our service includes obtaining work permits (for expatriates. business trips and short-term assignments), residence permits, and spouse and family permits.