Contractor Management

Contractors Management Made Simple

Onboard, manage, and pay your global contractors seamlessly with an all-in-one platform specializing in compliance – with full liability, accuracy, and minimum fees

Set Your Team Up for Success

Hire globally without local constraints, onboard in a matter of moments – and get to work in no time, focusing on results and not technicalities

Secure and Easy to Use

Manage everything from a simple, straightforward platform – always secure, and with GDPR and payments compliance built-in

Streamlined with Payments

Fund multiple wallets in 12 currencies and pay locally in 160+ locations, fast and accurately – all on one platform

Streamline Contractor Payments Seamlessly

Effortlessly manage payments and invoicing for your global contractors

Streamlined Invoices
Enable global contractors to submit invoices in their own dedicated portals, generate digital invoices instantly, and seamlessly integrate with your preferred accounting tools.
Automated processes
Reduce the time spent on calculating, managing, verifying, and processing contractor payments worldwide while ensuring a hassle-free experience with built-in automations and notifications
Bulk Payments
Pay your entire team effortlessly by reviewing payable data and making a single bulk payment in local currencies, all with just a click.

Fast, optimized
payments included

With 5 money transfer licenses for global coverage, and same-day delivery, you can fund your Papaya virtual accounts in 12 major currencies and pay your workers locally in 160+ countries

Dedicated for workers
Make your global workforce payments in multiple currencies, right on time, with transparency and security. Papaya guarantees it all happens smoothly.
Competitive FX Rates
We developed our own payment platform and banking rails, which means we can offer global remittance with flat fees and competitive FX rates.
Bank-level regulation
We’re the only regulated fintech designed specifically for global workforce payments. Papaya is licensed to hold and transfer funds safely and compliantly, leveraging J.P. Morgan and Citibank rails.

End-to-end, and fast:
The Papaya Promise

As a leading, award-winning fintech company, Papaya is guaranteeing the speed, efficiency, and transparency needed to turn global workforce management into a strategic asset

Seamless Transition and Growth
Want to hire your contractor full-time? Switch them to an EoR worker in minutes, or even to payroll – and expand your team as needed.
Transparent Pricing and Cost Efficiency
Enjoy transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprises, and maximize cost efficiency.
Insightful Tracking and Reporting
Gain valuable insights into global contractor spending and optimize your operations.
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Make hard decisions
a little easier

Learn more about our data and insights dashboards, custom reports, and the data integrations your business needs.

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