Contractor Management

Take the cons out of global contractor management.

Managing global contractors is time-consuming, prone to error, and a constant concern for compliance—until now.

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Make no mistake

Avoid heavy fines for misclassifying regular employees as contractors.

Rules are rules

Adhere to country-specific labor and tax laws in the countries you engage contractors

Zero risk

Manage your contractors while we take full legal responsibility.

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Approvals Improved

Approve contractor invoices and cross-border payments with a simple click.

Invoice and rejoice

Enable contractors to submit invoices in their own dedicated portals – goodbye email overload!

Sit back and relax

We handle all legal paperwork, so you don’t have to.

Your one-stop-shop for nonstop success

Our platform seamlessly connects your people, payroll and payments, so everything is consolidated, automated and validated.

  • Fueled by compliance and accuracy
  • Easily hire, process, and pay in over 160+ countries for all worker types
  • Seamlessly integrate existing workflows
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Make the switch

Want to hire your contractor full-time? Switch them to an EoR worker in minutes.

More Intelligent Intel

Get intel on who your contractors are, your total employer costs, and more.

Set it and forget it

Built-in automations and notifications put contractor management on auto-pilot.