The workforce solution with foresight

As your company and workforce grows, it’s important to identify a partner that has your needs in mind, today and tomorrow.

Papaya Global has the flexibility, expertise, and experience to scale with your everchanging business needs. See how we’re leading the market with our standard.

See How We’re Leading the Market With Our Standard
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Total Workforce Solution
End-to-end Global Worker Management and Total Payroll Solution

A total workforce solution – Global Payroll, EoR and Contractor Management.

Papaya also allows the flexibility to continue using existing providers, while consolidating to one platform.

No payroll solution. Only offers EOR and/or Contractor solution

Flexible workforce transition from one service to the other

Outgrowing the EOR model? Transition from the EOR solution to Papaya Global’s payroll solution all from the same platform.

No solution available for Payroll transition

Best-in-class local partners

Papaya partners with a global network of vetted, in-country partners who ensure all country-specific regulations, insurances, and licenses are adhered to with our clients best interest first and foremost

Other providers use their own in-country entities. They operate with their best interest in mind which poses potential risk to their clients since there is no third-party verification, liability, or compliance checking.

Use your own great local partners

Already working with great payroll partners? We can onboard them, save you time, money, and ensure a seamless total workforce experience

Payroll is not supported, and they don’t provide an option to onboard your current local partners

Platform capabilities
HRIS Data & integration to HRIS

Easily sync your existing HRIS data with Papaya’s full HRIS data support and integration capabilities

No HRIS information
Partial integration to Bamboo HR

Company Org Chart

Gain visibility of your entire global workforce and connect employees to their colleagues with our company Org chart feature

No org chart capability

Org level (Mass) salary updates/ workers updates

At the click of a button, upload all your company salary data pre-payroll cycle.
You can also update this regionally or locally – you build the flow that works best for you.

Excel upload is available as well

No ability to mass-upload salary data. Data input is updated on an employee-by-employee basis, and no location or org level data input is supported

Payroll calendar monitoring and configuration

No matter where your workers are located, access a full payroll calendar including public holidays, bank holidays, cut off days, and tax payments days specific to each region

Notifications about payroll cut off days only

Full approval chain and user permission, management per location and employee

Managing people and payroll looks different in each country – so we make it easy for you to configure different roles and user permissions for country-specific approval chains

Partial approval chain, not 2nd sign

Future salary events

Manage every future update in the relevant month directly in the system


Company Platform
  • Future salary update
  • Full projected cost simulations and employment costs
  • Document library management (GDPR compliant)
  • Automated data validation
  • Audit trail and approval chain (meet SOC requirement)
  • All SSO Login
  • 2FA
  • Expenses management integration with Expensify
  • Customized payroll JE’s per location
  • PTO Tracking management per applicable country laws
  • Equity processing (RSU/ESPP/ESOP)
  • HRIS Integration
  • ERP data exchange
  • Full payroll data unification of the companywide workforce in exportable reporting
  • Company hub for expert guidance and real-time resources on global expansion
  • Premium Global knowledge base access
  • Self configuration to approval chain
  • Limited, no payroll support at all, Partial EOR coverage
  • Do not support cost simulations available
  • Limited, no payroll support at all, Partial EOR coverage
  • Not available
Employee platform
  • Papaya’s personal portal dedicated for all employee types
  • Papaya Personal – Employee portal dedicated to all worker types
  • SSO login for employees
  • Full onboarding tasks and digital forms
  • Online onboarding tasks and forms
  • Automated secured payslip distribution
  • Automated & secured annual tax forms distribution
  • Data consistency in a case employee is transitioned from EOR/ contractor to Payroll
  • Data consistency during employment transition (from contractor –> EOR –> payroll)
  • Document library management (GDPR compliant)
  • Time tracking
  • 2nd pay slip
  • Seniority update
  • Not available
  • Work with trusted ICP’s, vetted and certified payroll partners, see the advantage here
  • Contracts are customized for individual needs with in-house legal employment experts to manage every onboarding
  • High touch onboarding experience
  • Benefits in kind administration

Low touch onboarding experience.

  • Support of all type of payroll cycles –
  • Ability to customize accounting codes &costs centers
  • Ability to run mass payroll globally
  • Ability to implement over current ICP’s
  • Ability to run to shadow payroll
  • Ability to get payroll projection pre-cut off
  • Ability to get payroll total costs estimation post cut off for payments planning
  • Parallel (shadow) run
  • Ability to process global payments
  • Fully automated
  • Full legal compliance
  • Payment in local currency
  • Payslips in native language through our secure worker portal
  • Exchange rate policy
  • Ability to process all payroll -related payments to local authorities and 3rd parties
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  • No real payments functionality
Center of Excellence and Expert Resources
  • Salary benchmarks
  • Equity offering – tax structures and implementation guidance
  • Termination process guidance
  • Expert Advisors on Compliance, Benefits, and Benchmarks
  • Salary calculators and cost projection
  • Immigration support
  • Benefits plan coverage by country/ global plans
  • gross us of expenses/ overtime calculation and management, time tracking implementations and so on
  • Legal support
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Tailored onboarding requests
  • Dedicated onboarding requests
HR and Payroll Analytics
Business Intelligence

Real time visibility for Finance, Billing, Payments and HR teams:

  • Workforce at a Glance
  • Total Payroll Costs
  • Payroll Costs Breakdown
  • Payroll Costs Comparison
  • Payroll Data Monitoring
  • Costs Plans & Salary Updates
  • Benefits Plans
  • All Employment Contract Changes
  • Billing Status
  • Billing and EOR Analysis
  • Billing Overivew
  • Billing Payroll costs Breakdown
  • Billing Comparison
  • Funding Requests Dashboard
  • Funding Accounts Details
  • Payments Transactions
  • HR Analytics
  • DEI Dashboard
  • HR Workforce Data
  • Joiners and Leavers
  • HR Events
  • Time Off Analysis
  • Projects Calendar

Platform integrations include:

  • T&A integration
  • BambooHR
  • Netsuite
  • SAP
  • Concur
  • Workday
  • Expensify
  • Namely
  • Microsoft Dynamic
  • Priority

Papaya places top priority on maintaining security and privacy in transferring, processing, and storing data:

  • Infrastructure: Isolated, restricted, audited
  • AWS Compliance
  • ISO and SSAE 16 certified
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • SOC 1 & SOC 2 Compliant
  • GDPR and DPA compliant
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Advanced FW detection and prevention

We also commit to good security practices:

  • Business continuity and reliability
  • App security audit logs
  • App vulnerability audits
  • Data Encryption (in transit/at rest)
  • Least Privilege Principle Access
  • SSO for internal systems
  • Awareness trainings
  • Daily backups (off-site)
  • Privacy Policy (on website)
  • Cookie Policy
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