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''The customer success team is the main reason we work with Papaya. The support they give is second to none. It's the human aspect that really helps us grow with our employees''

Michael Long, VP HR, Within3

Within3 Employees
  • Challenge

    With its sights set on global expansion, Within3 needed a partner that could consolidate its global workforce, facilitate growth, ensure compliance and provide white-glove service.

  • Solution

    Papaya Global united Within3’s workforce under one platform, enabling it to hire globally and compliantly via a network of ICPs, while providing an unmatched level of customer support.

  • Results

    Since partnering with Papaya Global, Within3 grew its workforce from 60 workers in six locations to 250 workers in 20 locations.

Within3, a leading engagement platform for life science companies, uses Papaya to expand globally


Within3 is the world leader in insights management for life science organizations. Their platform identifies the right people, actively engages them, and delivers answers that drive agile, informed decision-making.

Life Sciences
Company Size
250+ Employees
Lakewood, Ohio
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After securing more than $100 million in growth funding in 2020, Within3 set its sights on global expansion. The company was looking to grow its workforce from 60 workers in six locations to about 250 workers worldwide.

Before closing the financing round, Within3 had business entities in the US and UK and worked with four PEO partners in APAC. As dealing with four PEOs was already quite challenging – reaching out to four people for every action item proved less than ideal – Within3’s HR team decided to consolidate its global workforce under one partner that could also facilitate growth.

“We wanted a global partner with a network of 150+ countries”, said Michael Long, VP of HR at Within3, “who could effectively give us access to any country and enable us to hire where the client was, so that we could offer the client support locally. We were looking to find a partner who could react and grow with us.”

As Within3 had no intention of setting up new business entities, their partner of choice had to ensure compliance. In addition, it had to provide white-glove service. “We didn’t want it to be purely a ticketing system or to send emails to a lot of random people that might support different things,” said Long. “We wanted to centralize communications to one or two people globally.”

Within3 Employees
”From a cost perspective, there was definitely an instant return on investment because we were consolidating under one partner as opposed to having multiple partners with different pricing models”

Michael Long, VP HR, Within3



Papaya’s team set out to consolidate the data from the four PEOs that Within3 was working with. “The hands-on service the CS team provided was amazing,” said Long. “It was all fairly quick; I don’t recall having any delays or hiccups. Papaya also helped onboard the workers fairly quickly by explaining what it means to join Papaya’s network.”

Facilitating growth

As an EoR aggregator with a vast network of in-country partners (ICPs), Papaya enabled Within3 to hire globally immediately. During the hiring processes, Within3’s HR team found Papaya’s CountryPedia – an up-to-date resource on payroll, labor laws, and tax codes in more than 160 countries – particularly useful.

“You need to make the people you’re hiring comfortable that they’re going to have the same protections as they would if there was an entity,” said Long. “So when I was making offers to people around the world, I would have the CountryPedia page open and show them what they’re entitled to under the new setup. Having a resource where new joiners can see that they’re walking into a proper setup was key for recruitment.”

Compliance & Security

Papaya’s built-in compliance engine and its in-house experts on global employment ensure that Within3 is always on the right side of local labor laws and data protection regulations. “And from a data perspective, the platform is secure,” said Long. “It gives us what we need in the sense that it’s all stored in one place, and when we work with the CS team, they’re very focused on utilizing the online hub, so we don’t have to download and send files via email.”

White-glove service

“The customer success team is the main reason we work with Papaya” said Long. “The support they give is second to none: they are responsive, informative, and every question we have gets answered. It’s the human aspect that really helps us grow with our employees.”


Since 2020, Within3 has expanded to 20 locations, increasing its workforce to 250 people. “Having a partner who could really help us grow as a global company made the return on investment pretty instant,” said Long. “And then, from a cost perspective, there was definitely an instant return on investment because we were reducing cost by consolidating under one partner as opposed to having multiple partners with different pricing models.”

Partnering with Papaya didn’t only reduce Within3’s costs – it also lightened the burden of work for the HR team. “I probably save five to six hours a month, which is a long time to save, on approvals,” said Long. “Every line item is broken down, and I can see everything on one page. It’s much easier than having to bounce between 20 different pieces. As for my team, having one provider instead of 20 saves about 50% of their time.”

Besides saving valuable time, Papaya’s reporting suite (BI) provides Within3 invaluable insights. “There’s definitely a good suite of reports we can access,” said Long. “It’s useful for us to locate the costs associated with different things – payroll costs, benefits costs, breaking them down and comparing them – at certain points in the year. We usually check that everything is in line with our budget plans every 6 to 12 months.”

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