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Teach For All

“From global individuals to unified, effective units spread across the globe. Papaya made global growth a snap.”

Global PEO, Global Compliance, and Benefits

The Organization

Teach For All is the global non-profit organization based on the Teach for America program, working to expand educational opportunities for children across the world. The organization operates a network of 50 global partners spread over six continents

The Challenge 

With branches and affiliates cross the world, Teach For All needed the flexibility to expand its taskforce quickly to any location. At the same time, it needed to maintain close control of expenses and ensure strict legal compliance in every region of operation.

The Solution

With small, powerful teams spread across the world, Papaya established PEOs to provide a means for compliant payroll or all workers. The low-cost, low risk solution allowed Teach for All to expand globally without delays as quickly as possible in support for its cause.

Boost productivity and performance

Papaya’s global payroll technology thinks about everything. So you can focus on what matters–your business.

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With workers in China, Mexico and Poland, to name a few – payroll management needed to be synced to one language, one dashboard. When it all came together, it was revolutionary.”

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It’s like sitting in the control room above all the activity. With all the dynamic activity below, a steady hand guides the operation.

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“People are our most valuable asset. As a global company, we hire people in different countries and need to be sure we are meeting the specific requirements of each. Papaya delivers it all.”

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