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''As a global company, we hire people in different countries and need to be sure we are meeting the specific requirements of each location. Papaya delivers it all.''
Rubrik Employees
  • Challenge

    One of the fastest-growing start-ups ever, Rubrik needed a partner who could help it onboard the best talent worldwide quickly and compliantly.

  • Solution

    With its in-house experts on global employment, taxes, and benefits, Papaya Global could swiftly help Rubrik onboard its growing workforce while ensuring full compliance in every location.

  • Results

    Since partnering with Papaya Global, Rubrik has been able to onboard more than 1,500 employees across many markets.

Rubrik, a leading cloud storage company uses Papaya to rapidly hire and onboard overseas employees


When LinkedIn listed the top companies to work for in 2017, Rubrik was included because of its great work environment and dedication to its workers. Not surprisingly, it helped make Rubrik one of the fastest growing companies during the same period. 

Computer Storage
Company Size
2000+ Employees
Palo Alto, USA
Founding Year


With many new employees to onboard, Rubrik’s HR department need to work quickly to bring in the best talent from across the globe, all while maintaining the strength that helped propel the company into the next level. 

Rubrik Employees
”People are our most valuable asset. As a global company, we hire people in different countries and need to be sure we are meeting the specific requirements of each. Papaya delivers it all.”


Papaya enables Rubrik to do everything they need, from the ability to onboard globally quickly and easily, supporting them with local labor laws, benefits and benchmarks to an easy payroll cycle with centralized management of all global workers. 

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