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A notable shipping company leverages Papaya Global’s technology and expertise to transform their payment processes, optimize system integrations, and reduce operational costs – all while boosting employee satisfaction.
  • Challenge

    Facing the complexity of managing payroll and payments for their diverse workforce, this company required a partner capable of addressing challenges related to cash payments at sea, high banking fees, manual salary advances, and difficulties in money remittance, all while maintaining a technologically savvy approach to workforce management on a global scale.

  • Solution

    Through Papaya's implementation of a pre-paid card systems and seemless system integrations, this maritime business was able to transform its payment process, eliminating the need for cash-based compensation, maintaining worker flexibility, and significantly cutting operational costs.

  • Results

    Following its partnership with Papaya Global, the business achieved an 8% increase in employee satisfaction, monthly savings of $50K in bank fees, and the elimination of 100 hours of manual work per cycle.

How Papaya Global transformed the operations of one major shipping company

Maritime industry leader transforms its operations to gain total control and visibility of its payments while keeping worker satisfaction completely intact.


Through Papaya’s agnostic SaaS platform and payment capabilities, this major industry player was able to automate its manual processes, expedite payments, and improve seafarers’ overall experience.

Company Size
≈1,100 workers Employees
Papaya workforce payments


A notable shipping company specializing in dry bulk, tanker, and coastal shipping with workers spread across the globe operates a reliable network of vessels in over 15 countries.

But its globally dispersed workforce spending significant time at sea, this industry player faced several challenges—including limited access to banking infrastructure, reliance on high-risk cash-based compensation, and the management of various banking fees. All of these issues needed to be addressed while maintaining worker satisfaction and trust.

This required a blend of trusted expertise with trusted end-to-end technology.


Managing payroll and payments for their diverse workforce had been a complex puzzle. It’s not easy paying a workforce that’s out at sea for weeks or months at a time, requires multiple currencies at port, and has limited access to banking infrastructure – either for managing their own expenses or for sending money back home.

Cash Payments on Board

Cash payments remain most seafarers’ preferred compensation form. Still, this form of payment comes with a motley of risks – including the security concern of carrying physical cash around, and the logistical complications regarding accurate distribution and record-keeping of payments.

Steep Banking Fees

As a result of having a workforce spread across the globe, high banking fees presented costly consequences for this business.

Manual Management of Salary Advances

Without the right technology in place, the company needed to manage all salary advances manually – wasting valuable work hours and leading to errors, discrepancies, and lack of transparency.

Money Remittance to Home Country

Many maritime workers want to send money back to their families. But with often limited banking infrastructure, remittance became much more challenging – involving complying to regulations in multiple countries.

Limited Banking Infrastructure

Limited access to banking infrastructure caused delays and complications in salary payments – whether through remittance, financial planning, or disparities.

“Banks were too expensive, and the other solutions on the market couldn’t deliver an efficient way of paying our crew. With Papaya, we transformed the way we make payments, saving us time and money.”

Marine Personnel Director.


Transforming the payment process

Papaya allowed the business to implement a pre-paid card system connected to e-wallets. This eliminated the need for risk-heavy, cash-based compensation, while still granting workers the flexibility and ease they originally appreciated from a salary paid in physical money. Additionally, through this technology, the company was also able to split payments, giving maritime workers the ability to split their salaries and easily send money back home.

Optimizing system integrations

With its series of connectors, Papaya global allows for agnostic integration with payroll, ERP and reconciliation systems, allowing for smooth, automated payment processes and minimal siloed data.

Reducing operational costs

With Faster payments powered by Papaya’s proprietary payment rails, AI-powered screening, Competitive fees and FX rates, funding currency flexibility and payments in over 150 local currencies, the maritime business was able to significantly reduce costs.

Results: Letting the numbers talk

Employee satisfaction improved by 8%

Easy access to their wages combined with streamlined solutions to send money home improved seafarers employee net promoter score (eNPS).

Monthly savings of $50K in bank fees

Savings on banking allotments and margins on FX rates.

100 hours of manual work eliminated per cycle

Process automation and integrated systems significantly reduced the payroll team’s workload.

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