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“The guidance has been outstanding. With Papaya Global, we have a real partnership which is the only way to get the communication and support we need.”

Janet Phillips, VP People, Kong.

Kong Team
  • Challenge

    As it began to expand globally, Kong needed a partner who could hire remote talent as an EoR, and seamlessly transition its workers to their entities once established.

  • Solution

    With its vast network of in-country partners, Papaya Global could hire Kong’s talent quickly and compliantly, while providing global services like entity registration and benefits support.

  • Results

    Papaya’s EoR solution enabled Kong to hire a diverse mix of top talent across many markets, with the peace of mind that their workforce and payroll data are compliant and secure.

World’s most popular API gateway, Kong, uses advanced forecasting to hire globally


Kong makes connecting APIs and microservices across today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier and faster than ever. The company powers trillions of API transactions for leading organizations globally through its end-to-end API platform. Kong has more than 190 enterprise customers, and one of its core values is the ability to be Global, working together from anywhere in the world to achieve common goals.

Computer Software
Company Size
250-500 Employees
San Francisco
Founding Year


As an open-source company, Kong’s business structure had always been to hire developers, sales, and support members that worked remotely in regions where their customers were based. As they began to grow, Kong needed to quickly and compliantly hire a vast amount of remote talent in various new locations around the world – without setting up legal entities.

Once they had amassed enough employees in a new location, however, their long-term strategy was to open their own entities. As such, they needed a partner who could legally hire their talent for their immediate needs, but also, seamlessly transition those employees to their own entities once established.


There were several challenges Kong was faced with when looking to hire candidates in new geographical locations:

Compliance: Compliance felt like a moving target. It was not an item that Kong could achieve once, and then check off its to-do list. Each new location had its own laws, and the process of hiring, managing, and terminating was becoming complex.

Cost: Kong knew that they didn’t want to plant roots in a location until they were certain of its ROI. The company needed a cost-effective solution to hire candidates in new regions without the hefty costs of establishing its own entity.

Predictability: Kong needed to effectively manage its current and future growth with unparalleled forecasting – a task often made complicated by the PEO/EOR industry’s fee structure and lack of data visibility.

Support:  Kong’s internal team was well on their way to educate themselves on global hiring and payroll best practices, however, the executive team needed peace of mind that their candidate, partners, and employees were being managed by industry experts.  

Kong Team
”The guidance has been outstanding…Sometimes managing people means you have to handle the unexpected and this can be difficult if you don’t have the right support in place. With Papaya Global, we have a real partnership – which is the only way that we get the communication and support that we need.”

Janet Phillips, VP People, Kong.


After weeks of in-depth research and interviews with potential EOR partners, Kong chose Papaya Global and their robust technology offering to handle their global hiring and payroll needs.

Not only did Papaya Global have a network of in-country-partners across the globe that could quickly and compliantly hire and process payroll for Kong’s talent, but they also had business intelligence (BI) analytics built into their platform that enabled Kong to forecast their total global workforce costs against their bottom line.

Additionally, with Papaya’s suite of global services including entity establishment, immigration, equity, and benefits support, Kong felt that Papaya Global offered the deepest level of strategic global support, customer service, and business agility.

Lastly, Kong appreciated Papaya’s business model of partnering with a network of local in-country partners who handled the nuances of country-specific payroll, employment laws, and beyond.


Access to Top Talent: Papaya’s EOR solution enabled Kong to hire a diverse mix of top talent across many markets – deepening their commitment to employing a diverse workforce and hiring the right person for every role.

Rich Business Insights: With robust BI analytics built into the Papaya Platform, Kong was able to seamlessly forecast current and future employment costs along with gain access to dozens of other insights uncovered by their people and payroll data.

Dedicated Customer Support: With a dedicated point of contact at Papaya, Kong gained the unparalleled support they needed, while also benefiting from having in-country partners around the world to cover the global time zones.

Peace of Mind: Papaya’s robust financial, security, and data protection measures such as adhering to all standards set by GDPR, being ISO27001 Certified, and obtaining both SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II reports gave Kong peace of mind that their workforce and payroll data was safe and secure.

Scalable Workflows: In choosing Papaya as their partner, Kong not only gained industry-leading employment and labor-law experts as part of their global hiring strategy, but also innovative technology to streamline, automate, and scale their otherwise tedious employer-related tasks.

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