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Case study: Dynamic Yield

It’s like sitting in the control room above all the activity. With all the dynamic activity below, a steady hand guides the operation.

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Total workforce management, PEO to Payroll to M&A

The Company

Dynamic Yield, a global leader in personalization engines, has been listed on Garner’s prestigious Magic Quadrant for the past two years. The company’s success led to its acquisition by McDonald’s, one of the biggest corporations in the world, while continuing to operate independently, serving more than 300 customers. 

The Challenge

The company began its relationship with Papaya while taking its first steps in global expansion. Deciding on a growth strategy was a challenge. Then came rapid expansion and a need to onboard quickly and efficiently. Finally, Dynamic Yield had to adjust again when a massive multi-national entity brought the company.

The Papaya Solution

Papaya provided the assistance and guidance the company needed as it took its first tentative steps to a PEO. As it moved quickly through dramatic growth, the Papaya platform provided continuity and consistency. As it went through the growth stage to being acquired by a massive global entity, all that changed was the employment method and change from one supplier to another. The payroll infrastructure stayed the same. 

Boost productivity and performance

Papaya’s global payroll technology thinks about everything. So you can focus on what matters–your business.

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