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"The strength of Papaya is in the relationship that we have. Our Customer Success Manager is on top of things and truly knows us. That makes all the difference."

Aschta Pana, People Manager EMEA, Datadog

  • Challenge

    As one of the fastest-growing companies in North America, Datadog needed a partner that could provide data visibility, implement changes quickly and offer a tech-savvy approach to workforce management.

  • Solution

    By migrating Datadog’s EoR locations to its infrastructure, Papaya Global could provide a complete view of the workforce data and put forward solutions for blind spots like equity management and PTO.

  • Results

    Since partnering with Papaya Global, Datadog has transformed two EoR locations into entities and relies on a feature-rich technology stack to overcome workforce challenges.

World leader in application performance Datadog, gains control and visibility


How Datadog (NASDAQ: DDOG) used the Papaya Platform to gain access to employment and payroll data for its EOR workforce and established the most future-focused technology stack on the market for global payroll.

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Datadog has more than a dozen Employer of Record (EoR) relationships around the world to facilitate its fast-paced growth, allowing the company to hire top talent quickly and compliantly wherever they can be found.

However, its previous payroll provider was inflexible and rigid, and there was no transparency into payroll data or employee information for their EoR talent. The company needed to find a true partner that could keep up with their pace of growth, provide more data visibility, and feel like a natural extension of their company culture.


As a hypergrowth company, Datadog has more than doubled in size over the past two years, and has continued plans for growth that require quick global expansion. To continue to scale across the globe, the company chose the Employer of Record (EoR) model for fifteen EoR relationships across multiple countries. Unfortunately, their existing vendor didn’t fit their business needs or company culture and they needed a true partner relationship that would meet their goals:

Transparency: After a partner experience with very little control or insight, the company needed more visibility into the EoR process along with greater access of their employee data. 

Flexibility: Datadog was struggling with a rigid structure, where they had very little say over the relationships with the EoRs, and couldn’t get feedback listened to, or changes implemented. Adaptability and an agile working methodology was high on its checklist. 

Communication: It was essential that Datadog could find a partner that got to know how the company worked on a deep and knowledgeable level. They were looking for a single point of contact to provide contextual answers when they were needed, at speed.

Feature richness: Datadog wanted a platform that would offer a tech-savvy approach to people and payroll, offering solutions for traditional blind spots such as Equity management, Paid Time Off (PTO), or Business intelligence. 

Cultural fit: As a modern, agile, and fast-paced company itself, Datadog wanted a partner who innately understood that pace and mindset, and mirrored that way of work within their own organization. 

DataDog Team
”I now have full transparency over employee data, making it far easier to do the payroll. Every time I have a question, Papaya is here to answer, every time I need insight, it’s there for me to find. With our old provider, I was simply sending data to a closed system. With Papaya, I’m empowered to actually manage payroll effectively”

Aschta Pana, People Manager EMEA, Datadog


After researching its options, Datadog chose Papaya Global as its longterm global payroll and EoR partner. Papaya Global checked all of the boxes and was able to move all of Datadog’s existing EoR locations to their infrastructure.

Now, Datadog has access to its employment and payroll data for its EoR workforce at the click of a button in over 160 countries worldwide.

With Papaya Global as their partner and technology solution, Datadog can:
1. Manage payroll on a global scale
2. Gain HR, payroll, and billing insights from real-time BI reports
3. Process equity on payslips
4. Integrate worker PTO data through API’s or file uploads
5. Establish entities and easily transition EoR talent to Payrolled employees

In addition, the company has access to features that were unavailable with its previous provider, including processing equity on payslips and processing PTO through API integration with other payroll systems like existing HRIS. 

With the support of a flexible model and the Papaya expert center of excellence, Datadog has the freedom to make intelligent payroll changes at the right time, according to business needs.

In the last year alone, it has opened entities in The Netherlands and Spain, both of which were previously locations where they utilized EoR. With Papaya, this can all be managed from behind a single pane of glass. 


A Robust and Agile Toolset: From processing equity and handling PTO, to conversations about future integrations and growth, Datadog now has access to the most future-focused and feature-rich technology stack on the market for global payroll, offered by a fast-growing start-up that is as agile as themselves. 

Dedicated Support: A single customer success manager (CSM) for all of Datadog’s payroll issues means that they truly understand the business context of any question. Datadog has a weekly meeting with its CSM, and questions are answered on the same day. 

Transparency and Communication: With Papaya Global, effective communication is a priority. Some of the EoR relationships harnessed the same In-CoutryPartners as Datadog’s previous relationship, and yet for the first time, doors suddenly opened for feedback and support.

Ease of Use: Thanks to a new level of trust, and the infrastructure of an intelligent platform, tasks have become simple. Datadog can now onboard new contracts and candidates, handle employee management, and process payroll from end to end with simplicity and speed.

Employee wellbeing: With access to the relevant data and information facilitated by Papaya Global, Datadog can ensure that all employees now receive the communication that they need to feel heard, integrated, and part of the company. 

Peace of Mind: Datadog has full access to its data for the first time, allowing the company to check data, request changes, and achieve visibility into EoR relationships. This is a new level of confidence that the EoR management is being processed with best practices front and center. 

Business Enablement: Papaya Global offers an aggregator model, complete with expert guidance into a global HR reality. This includes tax, compliance, benefits, and expectations in new locations. With a single point of contact for anywhere in the world, Datadog can continue to scale at speed.

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