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“Papaya makes our lives easier. It helps us improve the payroll process; we save a lot of time, mainly because the information is more available, and we can do all the work in one place.”

Erez Hanuka, Director of Finance, Cato Networks

Cato Networks, a leading network security company, uses Papaya to optimize its global payroll process   


Cato is the world’s leading single-vendor SASE platform, converging Cato SD-WAN and a cloud-native security service edge, Cato SSE 360, into a global cloud-native service. Cato optimizes and secures application access for all users and locations – everywhere.

Network Security
Company Size
700+ Employees
Tel Aviv
Founding Year


Founded in 2015, Cato has grown steadily, expanding its workforce and opening new locations worldwide. While the majority of its workforce is based in Israel and the US, about 100+ workers are spread across 20 locations. 

To manage its global payroll, Cato solicited the services of local payroll providers in each location. Dealing with 20 payroll providers – each with its own style of communication – proved challenging, as the data from each provider was siloed.

Working with siloed data streams made visibility and compliance incredibly demanding and time-consuming. Cato’s finance team had to consolidate all the data manually and update it regularly in an excel spreadsheet. The approval process for every payroll run was also done manually, with at least two people reviewing the different spreadsheets. 

Cato decided to look for a platform that would optimize its global payroll process by merging all data streams to produce a single global view, automating workflows, and ensuring data accuracy.  

Cato Networks Solution
“The BI is great. With just one click, we can see the payroll cost per country, entity, or project – and compare it on a month-by-month or quarter-by-quarter basis to see the changes.”


The first step of the onboarding process was to create a unified payroll experience by consolidating all the data from Cato’s payroll providers under Papaya Global’s platform. “The process was great,” said Erez Hanuka, Director of Finance at Cato. “The CS and implementation teams knew exactly what to do and when. They were fully dedicated to our successful start.” 

As Cato opted to continue working with its local payroll providers, a communication line had to be established between Papaya’s team and each provider. “During the onboarding phase, our payroll providers received thorough training from Papaya’s team on how to use the platform,” said Hanuka. “And the cooperation between Papaya, the payroll providers, and us has been absolutely perfect.” 

Automation & Processes
Papaya’s automated platform takes efficiency to another level; it sends alerts about missing information, when salary updates are due, before the payroll cutoff date, and runs complete audits in no time to ensure that each payroll run is 100% accurate. “This is the accuracy level we want to have,” said Hanuka. “Even if we have just one mistake with one employee – this is something we cannot accept.” 

Compliance & Security
In addition, Papaya’s built-in compliance engine ensures Cato is always updated with local labor laws . “Recent regulations changed the payroll process,” said Hanuka. “It’s now focused on protecting the employees’ data, which means working with emails is not an option in this field. Papaya eliminates the need to transfer payroll information over email.


Thanks to Papaya Global, Cato Networks has a faster and more efficient way of handling payroll around the world – with more benefits to come.

With Papaya’s transformative payroll technology, Cato Networks can now:

Extract insights from its robust Business Intelligence suite
“The BI is great,” said Hanuka. “With just one click, we can see the payroll cost per country, entity, or project – and compare it on a month-by-month or quarter-by-quarter basis to see the changes. We can analyze whether the changes relate to new hires, salary increases, higher taxes, commissions, or other payroll items. The analysis and the breakdown it provides are very flexible.”

Access and manage information from one location
“We save a lot of time, mainly because the information is more available, and we can do all the work in one place,” Hanuka said, highlighting the access management capabilities the platform offers – which contributes towards more seamless workflows with ICPs.

Complete payroll runs faster, saving significant time each month
“Papaya makes our lives easier,” he said. Sometimes, it’s as simple as that.

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