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''With workers in China, Mexico, and Poland, to name a few – payroll management needed to be synced to one language, one dashboard. When it all came together, it was revolutionary.''
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  • Challenge

    An innovator in software-defined manufacturing, Bright Machines needed a payroll solution that would allow it to compete for top talent worldwide by offering best-in-class benefits according to local benchmarks.

  • Solution

    Papaya Global’s benefits management service guided Bright Machines through the possible options in each location and ensured its packages were in line with market standards.

  • Results

    Papaya broke its speed record with Bright Machines, implementing a payroll management platform with benefits infrastructure for multiple locations in several days.

Bright Machines an IOT developer used Papaya to implement a global payroll solution across multiple locations


Bright Machines is taking The Internet of Things to a new level with smart manufacturing and fully programmable factories. It’s self-learning robots and smart software are transforming the manufacturing industry. The company’s growth has been equally impressive – hiring more than 200 workers within two years of founding and earning the title of “Fastest Growing Startup of 2019” from IoTNews.

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Rapid growth can be an overwhelming logistical challenge, especially for a global company like Bright Machines, whose workforce is spread over three continents. With new workers onboarding constantly, the company required a payroll solution immediately while ensuring it could compete for top talent by offering best-in-class benefits according to local benchmarks.   

Bright Machines Employee
”With workers in China, Mexico, and Poland, to name a few – payroll management needed to be synced to one language, one dashboard. When it all came together, it was revolutionary.”


Papaya broke its own speed record with Bright Machines – implementing a payroll management and benefits infrastructure for multiple locations in the span of several days. The scalable solution ensures that workers are paid on time, in full compliance, and receive top line benefits for their region, allowing Bright Machines to compete for the best workers globally. 

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